Monday, 14 June 2010

Ring Ring

At the moment I'm coveting this ring by Daisy Knights:

I have a near mild obsession with seeking out whisper thin, subtle yet special, gold jewellery. This was sparked by a minuscule star strung bracelet I tracked down for my 20th birthday and have worn near-daily since. Then came Victorian charms from Annina Vogel on a gold necklace after seeing her inexhaustible collection featured in Vogue's secret address book. And a pair of Alex Monroe clover earrings last winter brings us up to date. It is a small collection I'll give you that, but these are treasured items, and the only jewellery I wear, save for a few bejewelled bib necklaces when a grey jumper or stripes are in need of bling.

I've often worried skulls look a little bit morbid when they're used to adorn everything from a somewhat ubiquitous scarf, clutch clasp, and particularly when brazenly emblazoned and studded and blown up to three times the normal size on a Thomas Wylde bag... I'm just not at ease with it. But, when made out of soft, nubby looking gold - in a tiny earring or necklace - I find myself warming to the idea. These little gold skulls would peep out when hair is carelessly tucked behind an ear, or wink up at me from upon my finger as I leaf through a mountain of papers at work. These pieces are little treasures - and ones I hope to add to my collection soon.

Image:, Daisy Knights Ring - 75

Friday, 4 June 2010

En Français

Just back from a few days in France - it was lovely, very windy, a little bit grey for most of the time, but incredibly sunny on the last day so all was not lost.
Here are a few pictures of my holiday wardrobe & essentials. Turns out I didn't pack enough!! More stripes were needed and, due to the wind, black skinny jeans & little jackets. Hopefully I'll have it all finely tuned for my next holiday!

Must have - Kiehl's, Essie, Clinique, ByRedo & Tom Ford Carys (featuring some errant curls!):