Monday, 2 November 2015


I had said that this year I didn't need a single new coat - I was supposedly all sorted from last Autumn Winter. A cape and a car coat later - and that brief moment of frugality went stupendously well don't you think? 

Apologies for the grainy photography - these are from an impromptu trying-on session when the coat had just arrived...

But what can I say - I love my new Topshop coat. It's so snuggly - the faux shearling (unlike so many other coats like this) runs throughout rather than just on the trim. It is such a cosy coat for the weekend. Just imagine it with a chunky cream aran knit or over a denim dress. 

A word of warning though - I wouldn't attempt to don it over a dark knit - girlfriend has a tendency to leave white fluff all over the darker fabrics! 

I took it for its first outing this Sunday (our first truly autumnal day in London) for falafel at the farmers' market.  It was perfection. 

Topshop Faux Shearling Car Coat - available here