Monday, 23 January 2012

Untitled #9
Clockwise: Acne jumper, APC jumper, Space NK, Bliss, Jo Malone, Topshop bikini, Aamaya by Priyanka jewellery at, Topshop jacket, Isabel Marant sneakers

The bits and pieces that are currently skipping merrily around in my head. It's always interesting to make a note and see later down the line which were mere passing fancies, and which interests withstood the test of time. I don't think any of us are surprised at how fickle we can sometimes be when it comes to this kind of thing!

I must admit the Missoni Topshop bikini in the bottom right hand corner is already winging its way to me. Regular readers may know of my highfalutin Missoni swimwear ambitions, and this fits within them very nicely, at a fraction of the cost. Alongside the bikini I'm trying the little navy scalloped jacket. I fancy it might look rather chic with a slubby white tee, and light denim. 

The quest for delicate jewellery continues in earnest - the latest designs making the short list feature the hamsa and evil eyes - they'd be perfect for summer evenings. (Is it that time yet?!)


Saturday, 21 January 2012


It does the soul good to obsess compulsively from time to time. 
Going through picture after picture of your latest squeeze, viewing it from every single tiny angle possible.
Hones the eye don't you think? Sieves out the non-starters, allows for refinement and ample time to revel in purchases that are NEVER. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. 
We all know that to which I refer. A a certain pair of ridiculous trainers with a certain in-built wedge.

They fall within that sort of inexplicable 'I think I might have to have those or I'll collapse' category. They make very little sense. If someone had said to me: 'Olivia - how d'ya fancy a wedged trainer in your wardrobe? VB looked pretty snazzy that time she wore a pair to hit the first ball at a baseball match didn't she?' I would have issued nothing less than a withering, withering glance in their direction. Such an idea sounds positively rank. 

And yet, and yet... Here we all are, desperate to make sense of our sudden desire for exactly such a shoe. (and Mrs Beckham is probably barely containing an 'I told you so'.)

I'm not a fan of the bigger Marant sneakers - whilst I very much enjoy seeing them on Miranda Kerr et al - I wonder if they exist in a territory and time zone that only the long and very willowy of leg should dare stray. 
I prefer the more casual look of the Betty (above), it somehow feels more genuinely Marant-esque than the other bigger, bolder designs it sitsalongside. I particularly love the way the laces bunch up at the front - doing all that 'effortless' work for the wearer. 

However. It is the side-on view that raises concerns for me. Can't argue with the front - but the side... worries me. It can look a little... chunky, no?

To illustrate this point I'm going to use Emma Watson:


See how the shoes look PERFECT from the front, but a little wrong from the side? Or is it just me?
Here's another another example:

Left: Everything one would avoid in a trainer, Right: Everything one would do anything required of to get one's mitts upon.

I'd be very interested to know what you think. These little fellows are doing the blog rounds at the moment and opinion seems somewhat divided. 
Passing fade or a shoe you'd see yourself wearing for years to come? 


Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Ever since I saw Laura of WITblog in her forest green dotty Topshop trousers in Paris, I was pretty despeardo to get my hands on a pair too. Sadly I failed, as did many others, and it was only last week that our prayers were answered with a new version in classic navy. 

Being rather vertically challenged, I was worried they would be too long, not that perfectly chic cropped length I was after. But they're just right, falling at the ankle and sitting high on the waist - which is exactly what I was after. 

Being so pleased with my snazzy new purchase, I responded to Laura's tweet asking for pictures from readers of her blog in their Topshop dots and was so pleased to be featured on her blog alongside other WIT fans looking lovely in their new trousers. 

I think I shall be wearing this outfit for a friend's birthday supper and drinks in a couple of weeks. It's a nice mix of casual and a little something special:

Topshop navy dotty trousers, American Apparel grey t-shirt, Anya Hindmarch clutch and Reiss heels.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I do love a blustery day. Here's what I wore on a trip to the one, the only... Richmond Park:
Gap parka, Topshop Jamie Jeans and trusty black Hunter wellington boots. Do excuse the lack of maquillage!!