Thursday, 6 December 2012


It's not like me to let nigh on 5 days of December pass by before uploading my Christmas list to le blog. But I've been hideously busy with work and squeezing in a trip to The Pig in the New Forest for my boyfriend's birthday (it was blooming INCREDIBLE. For a spot on review head over to Milly's blog). I have been neglecting my Christmas and birthday montage for far too long. Yes that's right, Christmas and birthday within three days of each other. Pretty darn tough on the joint-present side.
Anywho, I digress. Here is my festive montage in all its glory!
Untitled #18

 The recurring theme this year seems to be a desperation for cashmere and Jo Malone. I suppose something about this time of year makes me want to stockpile cashmere like a mad person and smell darn good doing it. 
I'm hoping to don the grey cashmere Whistles dress and beautiful jewelled ASOS earrings on Christmas day. Can you think of anything more comfortable?
The Reiss dress found its way on to the montage because this year I'm heading to Scotland for New Year's Eve and would love a party dress befitting the occasion. I've seen this fellow in store and it is uber cool whilst looking something like a wrapped present. I love it.
One member of the montage doesn't require much explanation. I would ruddy LOVE to revel in a little Marant for my 25th birthday bash - hint hint to the man in my life!
I always enjoy flannel nightwear post-Christmas and this grey check night shirt from The White Company is just the ticket. Unlike most nightshirts it is not ridiculously short. It's what I like to think of as a cosy length rather than a sort of attempt-to-be-sexy length. That's not what I look for in my flannel nightwear. Heavens no. When not in my nightshirt, I'd like to be lounging in front of the Downton Christmas special wearing the navy cashmere Cos joggers.
This year I'd also like to get more serious about hair care. I won't lie - after seeing the brilliant Bumble & Bumble video recording the Man Repeller's quest for french hair I had to get my hands on this pomade. So much so that my boyfriend's sister in law in America kindly got hold of it for me and it'll be winging its way to me in time for my birthday. A Parlux hairdryer would also be a dream addition - I've heard only good things and would be ridiculously excited to call this my own. Not to mention at the moment I currently haul a humongous hairdryer around and this compact Parlux one would open up precious suitcase inches for other things.
Outrageous  aspirational gifts aside, I always love adding to the old DVD collection and after reading a (admittedly rather a trashy chick-lit) novel about Meryl Streep films this summer, I'm anxious to see Heartburn (I've just finished the book) and Kramer vs Kramer. I also recently discovered Natalie Duncan on Weekend Wogan (I love radio 2 - don't knock it it's my thing) and am eager to add her album to my collection.
You may or may not know, depending on whether you follow my nattering on twitter, but I'm a quiet, closet, behind closed door fan of the Real Housewives. Specifically OC and NY if you're curious. Partial to a bit of Beverly Hills too though. Given this, and my new found love for Carole Radziwill, I'm keen to read her New York Times Bestseller: 'What Remains'. You can probably tell I'm not a literary snob - I just like to read what I'm drawn to and that can range from aforementioned chick lit to serious reads the likes of which one wouldn't be ashamed to bring up at a party. (My sister has been known to say I only read things with cupcakes on the cover. My reputation has never recovered).
Last but not least, I'd be overjoyed to receive a Garance Dore poster. I just know it would look brilliant framed in my flat - there is something so lovely about this caped girl.
I hope you're enjoying compiling your Christmas lists and enjoying the joys of December in general. It really is the best time of year in my humble opinon.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


There are quite a few new additions that I've been very keen to share on le blog but just keep not getting round to! It's shameful. 
So in the spirit of rectifying this situation I thought I would share my new trainers. They were love at first sight when I clapped eyes on them on Man Repeller. My feelings for the shoes multiplied at the thought of them with pea coats and leather trousers. I don't mind taking total inspiration from Leandra (or nicking her suggested look if you like) because I find I'm most sartorially inspired by other people's outfits - hence my near-obsession with personal style blogs. 

In fact, truth be told, in a lot of instances I fall in love with clothes or shoes or bags that I see on other people. Yes I pick things up in shops because I'm drawn to them without having seen them on anyone else and my personal style streak is alive and kicking, but it is probably not confidently individual enough to go it alone. I appreciate the inspiration of others - and love it when seeing something on someone else that you love can breathe something new into your wardrobe and evolve your personal style.  
I think if you can take bits and pieces of inspiration from other people and slot them into your own style your conscience should be clear! Tis most likely how the world of style goes round and round.

I know lots of bloggers have been getting into their New Balances, but they are my boyfriend's shoe of choice at the moment and I simply refuse to go down the matching footwear route. Also I prefer the shape of these fellows - there is something mean and pointy about some New Balance trainers. 
They are, as you'd expect, the most comfortable things going. After years and years of suffering for the sake of footwear (mostly winter over exposure in ballet pumps) these new kicks made walking a veritable walk in the park. 
I see their role in my wardrobe as stylish errand runners - popping to the supermarket, collecting dry cleaning, strolling along by the river having a natter. 

I paired them with a Gap navy blue peacoat and grey sweater and ancient Topshop leather leggings.


Wednesday, 7 November 2012


My replacement Report boots finally arrived! (After ordering what I thought was a UK size 3 from Piper Lime I belatedly discovered the sizing was a tad on the ambitious side and had to go up one. Piper Lime had sold out by then but luckily Nordstrom came to the rescue! So all's well that ends well.) They're stupendous. 

I'm sorry about the frankly crappy quality photographs - there is no hiding the fact I took them with my phone - the evidence is staring you in the face rather isn't it... 

This is how I wore said boots on their first outing - with a Topshop denim dress and boyfriend coat and some jazzy H&M earrings. 

Yes that's right, I employed the use of my webcam for this photo, before returning again to the trusty iPhone-mirror combo...


Thursday, 11 October 2012


Clemence Posey in her Madewell numbers [image from Splash via Daily Mail]
I've been searching for biker boots for what seems like forever. It's not an easy job - they can be too clumpy, too tall, too short, too goth - the list is endless. My mother's favourite thing to point out whenever I show her a potential candidate is that the toe turns up too much at the end. It is only recently that I realised pretty much all biker boots do, so I patiently took her through photograph after photograph to illustrate this point. She remains unconvinced. She's not easy to please given that she favours gortex and hopes to combine this pathologically unglamorous material with an elegant shoe. Which is not. EVER. Going. To. Happen.

I digress... I failed in my search for the perfect biker boot last year, and now the rain and chill have once again set it, the search is back on with a vengeance. It is normally sparked by seeing those folk lucky enough to snap up those Gap biker boots many moons ago sauntering past. They are such a brilliant wardrobe staple if only you're lucky enough to stumble across the right pair for you. Off duty models have been showing us for years how practical and stylish they can be for a multitude of scenarios - not least when the rain seems to have set up camp for good over the United Kingdom.

So my heart skipped a beat only a few days ago when Olivia Palermo stepped out in her very own biker boots. 

Image via Zimbio
My love for Miss Palermo's style knows no bounds - even if I would have ditched the beige gilet here - she is perfection. And here she was, striding purposefully across a New York street in what I quickly recognised as (what had to be) my new boots. I embarked on the usual mission to track down who made her boots - given my endless search you have to understand it was no good in this situation simply to be inspired by Olivia's style - I had to find the exact boots because they just looked so right. After exhausting the internet's usually very informative outfit identifiers I came away none the wiser. Yet another biker boot dead end! Until I scrolled through google images and found Olivia Palermo recently sitting in front of a table of bits and bobs at Piper Lime. A hop, skip and a jump over to their website, a cross comparison with the photograph of Olivia in New York, and the deal was sealed - I'd found the boots. And they were discounted!! What a coup. 

Report Jude biker boots at Piper Lime

This is the most tricky thing about biker boot shopping - from this picture I would have worried about the clumpy element (and I'm sure my Mother would have pointed out the upturned toe), but having seen them in the photo above on a real person, I'm much more convinced. They are winging their way to me from the good old US of A as I type and I will, of course, report back to let you know if the search has finally, finally drawn to a close. I am hopeful!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I have been busy amassing my autumn/winter wardrobe. My shopping style has changed a tad according to my new found student-hood (again!). It's tough but the student discount sweetens the bitter financial pill.
When all is said and done I shop a lot less and plan a lot more. This is all well and good - BUT - it has made me an uber hesitant shopper. If shopping were a driving test I'd fail repeatedly. My hand darts back and forwards to the rail, I walk purposefully towards the till before slowly retreating, my breathing becomes strained, my eyes dart left and right. I then walk straight out of the the door (putting the item back first of course, what d'ya take me for). 

After months of the aforementioned behaviour, I have actually managed to complete a few journeys to the till and now proudly have the carefully selected items below hanging or siting in my wardrobe as we speak. Primed and ready to go. 

Untitled #16
- Etoile Isabel Marant Monty jacket: a delightful autumnal cardi-jacket which will step in where my spring/summer Haca jacket has performed so perfectly.
- Topshop coats nattered about here and here
- Topshop wooly hat
- JW Anderson Bat jumper - I LOVE THIS!! Milly of Milly Fell Into The Wardrobe's glee upon bagging hers was all the encouragement I needed.
- Reiss Grey Sweatshirt (Mine is actually a Gap one in the sale. Hugely useful and inspired by Laura at Wearing It Today)
- Topshop Faux-Leather skinny trousers
- Topshop Denim dress
- Nike Free Running trainers - I'm very, very excited about these. Ever since Leandra of Man Repeller mused about wearing these with leather trousers and a pea coat I practically had to be restrained. This idea sounds so perfect to me and I can't wait to try it out.
- Isabel Marant Bazil sneakers - these will truly come into their own come Autumn. I plan to wear them with denim and dresses. They're just achingly cool. 
- I've been after an evil eye necklace for aaages. This one is Aamaya by Priyanka, but I found a beautiful tiny one on Etsy. It's been a pretty permanent fixture since it arrived with the postman. 

Despite my new shopping habits being a little tricky, I do think they make for a better wardrobe overall. Each thing I buy, I love. Rare mistakes are quickly ebayed and expenses recouped! 

 I also have my eye on these three little fellows - I've been on the look out for more evening things on account of the fact my 'drobe is sadly lacking in this department! And lovely heels for £16 aren't to be sniffed at. Wouldn't you agree?

Untitled #17
Topshop full skirt, Matalan heels, ASOS clutch

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I normally do a packing post or two or ten before going on holiday, but this year I thought it would bore the socks off any regular readers because it was essentially the same as last year and the year before that! 
I thought instead I might change things up a bit and do a few outfit posts from the week I just spent in Greece. I spent 7 lovely days lounging in the mid 30s warmth, so some of the outfits below were worn more than once - hence there not being 7 different outfits! These were all ensembles I wore down to the Taverna before feasting on taramasalata, kleftiko, fried courgettes and baklava to name but a few. 

All of the pictures had to be self portraits I'm afraid - apologies for the quality and the mess in the background!

 American Apparel grey t-shirt and Topshop peplum skirt
French Connection navy midi dress (eBayed)

Topshop one piece swimsuit and a stupid face, which I pulled on account of the fact that I felt like a noodle photographing myself in my swimming costume, but it's new and I love it!

Zara denim shorts (eBayed) and See by Chloe blouse

Topshop yellow midi dress (eBayed) and Reiss necklace

I wore this little fellow when I boarded a speedboat from Kaminaki to Agni to explore another taverna. I allowed myself to feel frightfully glamorous, even if my windswept hair had to be wrestled back into position post-speed boat journey. 

Holiday beauty essentials included Essie's Clam Bake (in all of the above photos), Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne which I acquired at the airport and is the most lovely holiday summery fragrance and, of course, La Roche Posay factor 50 sunscreen. 


Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Apologies to sound like a stuck record, but I am fast becoming obsessed with Topshop's new season offerings. The latest recipient of my love and devotion? Another coat. 
Well, a coatigan to be precise. A coatigan of mushroom-boucle-wondrousness. It's so effortlessly cool that Topshop have even named this a 'throw-on' coatigan. You're that freakin' laid back and pleased with your personal style that you just 'throw it on' before leaving the house. Fussing is not for you, heavens no.

God I'm boring aren't I. But I never seem to find coats that work well for me, and end up wearing just one that I'm not 100% happy with all Autumn and Winter and hating my lack of style and finesse. So this year I'm overjoyed at the prospect that this might just be the season where everything changes. Where people say, "here comes Olivia, in another stupendous coat. Pfff." (It's our dreams that sustain us, people.)

But in all seriousness, this is a LOVELY coat and I thoroughly recommend you getting your mitts on it too if you can. Perfect weekend attire, evening stroll attire, polished, effortless everyday attire. You get my drift. 

P.S. yes I did turn the cuffs up when I tried it on. I seem to do this on everything. My boyfriend knows when I have stolen his jumpers/coats/everything because this is the evidence trail I leave in my wake.

Saturday, 4 August 2012


See what I did there? Topshop is on fire for Autumn/Winter. The first new season bits and bobs started appearing over the past few weeks and they're soooo good. 
During that recent spell of Autumnal weather, people in London were starting (tentatively and begrudgingly) to break out their new season pieces. But then the sun came back and it was back to high summer. I for one like to save my precious Autumn purchases until the time is really right. 
If I had a beautiful antique trunk, I'd put my recent purchases into said trunk. 
It's no secret that often the best bits of the chilly season come out during the summer and it pays to pre-buy even before the leaves start to fall and the drizzle sets in for good. And there are certainly a few key pieces I'm keen to bag asap.

You saw my new coat in my last excitable post - I'm still very pleased about it and shall be for some time. Whilst in Topshop, making the coat my own, I was rather keen to add a few more items to my shopping basket, but financial restraints have to be considered and hammered home by loved ones at all times and so I could only give in to the coat. I'll be adding the below to my Autumn would-be-trunk soon I hope. Very soon.

Untitled #15
Spike necklace, denim dress, bead necklace navy jumper, lurex thread jumper, faux fur gilet, charcoal woolly hat, western denim jacket with shearling-ish collar, wine Jamie jeans

If I were only to get one thing from this list - who am I kidding - it would be the denim dress. Deceptively simple but it is the perfect denim dress that I've been looking for forever and a day. My boyfriend is dubious, he hates denim in any other incarnation than jeans and even has a fear of the pearlised buttons found on denim shirts... I'm not overly sure what his problem is but it's deep rooted. Regardless, so good is this dress that I simply don't care. I'm going to wear it with woolly tights and my Isabel Marant black sneakers with my new boyfriend coat casually thrown over the top. The thought makes my heart flutter. It really does.

The fur gilet will be the queen of wardrobe layering. I want to do it in a nice way though, over khaki and with boucle jackets, NOT extensions and fake tan. The jumpers are just chic, pretty and easy and I'm drawn to the denim jacket because I think it is something a bit different and will be a tonic to all the khaki jackets with leather arms that are going to be multiplying before our eyes rather soon.

Lastly - a word on the jeans. Yes they're in a delicious deep burgundy colour, but the best part is that they are the high waisted, ankle grazer Jamie jeans. Jean nirvana, I kid you not. Some Jamie jeans are not cut this way - be warned. So when I come across them it's a sprint to the till. They fall precisely on the most flattering part of the ankle, are stretchy (allowing for knee bending and proper circulation for health and well being) and are high waisted without being too high waisted if ya know what I mean. It means denim wearing does not become a constant hitching marathon every time I wish to move, or say, reach across the table for a biscuit. My dignity in these jeans remains intact at all times and because of all the above, they are comfortable. Not always a given with skinny jeans.

I urge you to dash to Topshop soon - brilliant bits are hitting the rails on a daily basis. 


Friday, 3 August 2012


Do I look happy? A little crazed? A little over excited? A little myspace? Well. I'm pretty pleased with myself. I have "bagged" my winter coat. It's freaking August - that's forward planning at its finest. 
I saw it online, tried it on in store, decided to go home and buy it online (online student discount perk). Got home, sold out in my size online. Horror. Hot footed it BACK into central London the next day. Nabbed it - negotiated the student discount despite my expired card. Hence my happy post-coat-purchase poses. I particularly like the one that suggests I've just finished a rap. 
It's the perfect throw-on coat - light, but woolly, nicely oversized and slightly Stella-esque cut outs. It's SOOO cool. 

Contrast Raglan Tweed Boyfriend Coat from Topshop.


Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Last week I hopped on the Eurostar and headed to Bruges (or Brugge, whatever floats your boat). It was such a quick and easy journey - the lack of flying somehow takes it out of you less - which is great when you're on a short city break. 
It's a lovely, lovely city with beautiful old buildings, quiet backstreets and  a m a z i n g  chips (Bruges is famous for them, along with chocolate, waffles and beer). 

Tom Ford Cary shades, Monsoon striped dress (incredibly accommodating of waffles and chip over-consumption)

Whistles blouse, Topshop Jamie jeans and sandals
De Republiek's courtyard

Despite my wardrobe planning (see below) the weather did a u-turn and that pesky jet stream finally decided to get a shift on just in time for our trip. So the weather went from rainy 17 degrees to beautifully sunny 30 degrees! This was brilliant of course, but meant my carefully planned packing list had to be scrapped. In place of light khaki jackets and Isabel Marant sneakers were my staple broderie anglaise cotton blouses, striped dresses, sandals and shades. 

I'd thoroughly recommend Bruges as a destination for a short break - it was beautiful in the July sunshine and heat, but I have an inkling that it would be pretty darn special in Spring or early Autumn and downright magical in December.

MY FAVOURITE THING TO DO: Riding a bicycle
Everyone cycles around Bruges, tourists and residents alike. Cars are shockingly respectful and it's a great way to get around. We hired bikes for the day and cycled out of the city alongside the canals nearly reaching the border with Netherlands apparently...! Oh and the 30 minute boat ride around the canals, though touristy, is not to be missed.

Sint-Jakobsstraat 36
Such good music, lovely atmosphere and stupendous drinks menu. Waiters take your drinks order from your table which adds a nice touch to proceedings, wouldn't you agree? By the end the waiter knew we were there for the Amaretto Sour and Gin Fizz cocktails and very little else. 

Eirmarkt 9
This restaurant served my favourite meal in Bruges, the Flemish beef stew served with chips (what else?!). We sat outside the restaurant looking out upon a mini square and looking up at the hot air balloons passing overhead. 

Next time: We missed out on two restaurants I'd been very keen to hit up because they were BOTH closed during our stay:  Bistro Den Huzaar, Vlamingstraat 36 and Kaffe Pergola, Steenhouwersdijk City Centre


Oh and P to the S.... The Bazils STILL haven't had their first outing because of the sunny weather - the fact they're still in their box is breaking my friggin' heart - I'm crying inside - so I'm taking them out for steak frites on Saturday. They deserve a treat. 

Sunday, 8 July 2012


I'm off to Bruges in a couple of weeks, and so naturally my mind has begun to wander about what to pack. We're only going for 3 nights so technically, I only need 3 or 4 outfits. I don't think I really need anything dressy. For evening I'll thwack on a pair of razzy earrings, or throw a jazzy clutch at the problem and call it a night. I think casual-chic is mostly the way to go? I might be wrong, I've never been there before!


Untitled #14 
From L - R, starting at the top: Topshop army jacket, Isabel Marant Haca jacket, Jaeger navy jacket, MiH stripe top, Whistles Lisa blouse, Topshop jumper, Topshop Neppy tee, Topshop jeans, Isabel Marant Bazil sneakers, Isabel Marant Dicker boots, Converses, French Sole ballet flats

The weather there seems to be pretty similar to London at the moment - drizzle ahoy - and high-teens-barely-breaking-into-the-twenties temperatures, hence the emphasis on useful little jackets and a light cotton parka to throw over outfits whenever I need it, and a jumper! Also note the shoes - all walkable. Yes, some more walkable than others, but the wedge on the Bazil sneakers (screams quietly with utter joy at how much I love these shoes!!) and the heel on the Dicker boots are definitely of the walkable variety. No tottering around for me - it doesn't suit. Converses are a clear must-pack, and pony flats courtesy of French Sole are perfection. 
All the shoes are mostly interchangeable with any of the potential outfits and each piece will marry up well with the khaki army jacket when necessary or one the the little jackets, which of course can be whipped off if the sun decides to come out. 
It's not quite city break style sudoku, but you get the idea! 


Untitled #13
Balenciaga City, Bruges guide book, Tom Ford Cary sunglasses, Topshop earrings, Phoebe Coleman necklace, Alex Monroe Pea Pod bracelet, Carmex lip balm, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Flirty Honey, Jo Molane White Lilac & Rhubarb Cologne, Bliss Triple Oxygen Infusing Mask 
At the moment our plans feature lots of beautiful building gazing, beer supping, chocolate chomping and the like. (Can you tell I haven't read my guide book yet?!)
Any tips for places to go or things to see in Bruges please DO let me know! 


Friday, 6 July 2012


I wore this little ensemble yesterday evening (the first vaguely summery evening all week! The rain is back today natch). We popped round the corner to a lovely pub near our flat for drinks and supper. I hit up the prosecco as I do all too often these days... and then we shared a darn delicious scallop starter before I tucked into sausages and mash washed down with a glass of rioja. Fun was had by all.

A sudden movement there made me lose my hand for a sec... Never fear, all is well.

I wore a Whistles blouse, Topshop 7/8ths jeans, Isabel Marant Dicker boots, Annina Vogel charm necklace and Essie Clam Bake upon my nails. 

This Whistles blouse is a relatively new acquisition - it wandered into my life during a post-exam season mini-spree. I'd been living in an attractive rotating combination of leggings/jogging bottoms/totes/big jumpers for well over a month and to break back into proper dressing was an utter joy. [Note to self: Amass a more attractive range of lounging clothes.] 

I was still mopping my eyes as I'm wont to do when an exam is over, and was by then well into my standard deep and multi dimensional coping strategies for when the news I'd failed by epic proportions was delivered a few weeks later. But it is a testament to the strength of my stylish spirit that I was (between gulps and through bleary eyes) able to clearly spot and decisively pick up this blouse (and another like it) and steer myself to the changing room and onwards to the till in some sort of detached trance. I also advised the mother in no uncertain terms about buying herself a lovely pair of deep red Russell and Bromley ballet pumps to go with her navy chinos. My devotion to lovely things knows no bounds. 

P.S. Perhaps at this point I should clarify - I did manage to pass all my exams (phew) and so the coping strategies/plans of skipping the country and hitching lifts across the Australian outback with nothing but my wits to guide me are on hold until next summer.)