Friday, 22 February 2013

Snapshots of things I've been up to and bits and bobs I've been purchasing over the past few weeks. From L - R:

Top row: lovely blustery beach walks in Devon, one of my bestest pal's 26th birthday cake, pancakes and bacon for my brother in law's birthday. 

Middle row: New beach cover up from Topshop - so beautiful. Now I just have to wait for a summer holiday! The colourful Zara coat I am currently lusting after for early Spring, tea served at Taylor Taylor salon in Spitalifields. 

Bottom row : The much needed Tangle Teezer for my newly dyed locks, new leopard print shoes courtesy of Topshop, and last but not least... my newly obre-d hair! 

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Saturday, 16 February 2013


So... um... do you think I might have a bit of a problem? Nothing hints at addiction better than a pile of the same cut of jeans in (let's face it) pretty similar washes. But I am utterly unashamed and would make every purchase again. Ten times over. These jeans are just SO good. Buying two more pairs in the past week prompted me to think it might be a nice idea to share my passion on the blog seeing as I'm a distressed wash away from being a pair of Jamie jeans myself. 

Why these little beauties are basically my 'perfect storm' of denim: 

1. They are slightly high waisted (so no fears about the awful exposure that can follow with other cuts when you want to say... pick something up off the floor). This is also much more flattering - no muffin top. 

2. Crucially for me - they are designed to fall at the ankle. Not too high above it, and not too low. Just right. I find having jeans hit the right bit of your ankle lends an effortless, pulled together Parisian vibe to most outfits. I'm a person that sometimes has to resort to tucking my jeans under at the bottom in order to achieve this. No need with Jamie. They are the perfect length for ballet pumps and loafers, and down right ideal for wear with ankle boots like Isabel Marant Dickers, when it's nice to see a flash of ankle. 

3. They are made out of a material that actually lets you bend your knees without summoning the super human effort some jeans call for when you want to walk a normal walk, or lunge, should the fancy take you. I HATE being restricted by jeans, and frankly there is just no need to be. People say you look your best in your clothes when you're comfortable. This may not be the case for evening dressing I'll admit, but to be anything other during your down time would be sad. These jeans let you move, but they don't go down the jegging route (like Leigh jeans do) - they retain a jean thickness and a jean material. 

All in all - the perfect jean in my opinion. The latest additions to my Jamie collection are the navy ripped knee ones and the classic clean blue/indigo ones. You can find them here and here. I'm holding myself back at the moment, but it won't be long until I have a white pair in the collection for Spring/Summer. 
I urge you to run out and stockpile them, before I buy them all. 


Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I thought I'd do a little outfit post featuring a few new purchases. I wore this outfit on Saturday night for my brother-in-law's birthday celebration meal at a lovely pub in Wiltshire. I'll be honest - I was PETRIFIED that my top was quite so white. I kept thinking of Carrie in SATC saying she would never be the type of girl who could wear white and not spill on it. Thankfully, I was lucky that evening and the top remains pristine (for now)!
Anywho, the blouse is from Whistles (it featured in my shopping wish list below - I act fast). I love the structured simplicity of it - I'm always happy to welcome white blouses into my wardrobe. My jeans are coated which I'm very much enjoying at the moment - gives a bit of edge to any outfit. My patent ballet flats are from Russell & Bromley and were a bit of a coup. They were only £44! Why? I headed down to the Children's section, that's why. They have some of the exact same styles as upstairs for a fraction of the price. Most of R&B's ballet flats go for £95, so you can understand my smugness.
My new favourite initial necklace features too - this has hardly left my neck since it arrived in the post not long ago.
Whistles sculptured tee, Topshop coated Leigh jeans, Russell & Bromley patent ballet flats, Bijoux by Desi F initial necklace, Essie nail varnish in Clambake

Sunday, 10 February 2013


Untitled #19


The above are all on my shopping wish list at the moment. The jacquard coat is from Zara and would be pure perfection with ankle grazing denim and ballet flats for the move into Spring. The stripe top and simple leopard heels are both Topshop - stripes speak for themselves (we always need more) - but the leopard heels would be such a great addition for evening drinks. ESPECIALLY with some ripped denim (these are Topshop too) and a simple top, like, say, this white Whistles one? Last but not least, I'd love to get some Klorane dry shampoo in my cupboard. I've always known it's not wise that I wash my hair every day and so need to get involved in this dry shampoo malarky. I am not a fan of Batiste - too powdery, too scented. I'm told this one is the bees knees though.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I've got a to-do list today which is as long as my arm, but I wanted to take a few seconds to share what arrived in the post this morning. 
I've long been a fan of delicate gold jewellery, and Etsy is by FAR the best place to find the delicate gold jewellery of one's dreams. I discovered Bijoux by Desi F whilst trawling through one of my favourite blogs - What I Bought Today by Anneli Willis. I recently ordered this little number and was overjoyed when I saw the little package sitting on the mat this morning. 
I have always liked the idea of initial necklaces, but kept my distance because of my slightly unfortunate initial. Any other initial actually looks like an initial (except maybe 'I') but 'O'... looks like a circle. However, I decided to put these reservations to one side and make the purchase. I'm not about to change my name and my obsession with this necklace wasn't going anywhere! I'm very glad I did  - it is a beautiful necklace and I'm sure it will become one of my most worn. 

Find Bijoux by Desi F on Etsy here.


Sunday, 3 February 2013


I wanted to share a few new products that I've been enjoying lately. They've become key players on my dressing table and frankly the old guard have been throwing them more than a few bitter glances. As well they might, they're not going anywhere. I'm pretty smitten. 

Aveda Damage Remedy & Aveda Phomollient: I invested in these two products after visiting Taylor Taylor salon on Commercial Street in London. I had a lovely hair cut there recently - they listened to what I was hoping to get from my appointment and offered genuinely useful styling advice. These Aveda numbers were used during my visit to give my struggling ends a helping hand (damage remedy) and provide the hold needed to maintain a few loose waves (Phomollient). They smell lovely and actually do what they say they will. Something that seems increasingly rare! I've never been a fan of mousses and products designed to 'hold' - they normally see me frantically reaching for a shower and some shampoo, so desperate am I to get rid of that stiff, crispy feeling! But there are no such worries with this mousse. It gives just enough hold to fine hair, without weighing it down and making it dull and over-styled looking. Definitely not crispy. No sir-y.

Jo Malone Body Creme and Cologne: I've got quite the Jo Malone obsession, I can't lie. The black ribbon, the cream boxes. It's almost too much to take isn't it? Recently I've been enjoying the Blackberry & Bay body creme (a Christmas gift) and the English Pear & Freesia cologne - a beautiful scent that just seems to get better as the day goes on. I love it layered with Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne too. 

Nude Pro Genius Treatment Oil and Radiant Day Moisturiser: I'd heard pretty good things about Nude and was thus pretty keen to try the brand out. I bought these two in a gift set from Space NK in order to try them out without enduring the knock on effect upon my ability to pay rent that comes with buying full-size versions. I'm glad I did - they're just so nice. I can genuinely see a difference the morning after using the treatment oil, and one drop is perfect for boosting the day moisturiser whenever you feel your skin needs that something extra. I use 3 drops each evening and maybe a drop or two more for a mini-facial from time to time. The day moisturiser doesn't feel at all heavy but seems to give my skin the moisture it needs for the day and provides a good base for make up. I can honestly say I don't think I'd be without the treatment oil now though - it is perfection.

Are there any products you've been trying recently that you now wouldn't be without?