Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wind and Rain Can Be Such A Pain

The weather outside remains, at best, a hideous joke. Rain pelted down in London today and it didn't seem to stop for a second. (Yes, yes at least it's not snowing).

The wind and rain is playing havoc with my oh so delicate skin (it isn't really, I'm just being precious and wanted desperately to test out a product I've been very keen on trying)

Step forward Mac's Care Blends Essential Oil - Sweet Orange + Lavender.

It already sounds like it fits the bill, falling under Mac's 'Warm & Cosy' section. The heating in the flat takes hours to crank up - but who cares when such a product promises this and more?
I couldn't wait to get home, wash my face and add a few drops to my moisturiser and quench my thirsty skin (I'm sure it's thirsty.. isn't it?).

It smells so delicious - like the best whiff of a Terry's Chocolate Orange. The oil can be used like this added to facial and body moisturisers to amp up their effects, used alone after cleansing for a mini facial (as recommended over on the Vogue blog) or to add a lovely dewiness under everyday make up, which I plan to try on the morrow!

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Welcome to Gone With The Fashion - Off We Go!

Welcome to my new blog - featuring the thoughts and obsessions of a very little fish in an enormous fashion pond. From day to day style and beauty musings, to news of long-lusted after buys and plans for pay day extravagance, all shall be duly recorded in the hope you find bits and bobs to entertain, inspire and amuse you along the way!

A horribly rainy Sunday made for a lovely read of The Sunday Times Style magazine indoors - the best part came when I clocked a pair of Topshop Clogs that I actually rather liked. Have I gone mad? Up until now this whole Clog affair left me rather cold, but the Topshop offering captures more than an air of Chanel with the addition of a sling-back sort of strap for instantly increased wearability.

The rest of the day was spent soup making - thank you Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall for a rather natty Butternut Squash & Chilli recipe - and painting my nails (take note: Essie Mink Muffs, a wonderous substitue for Particuliere if your local Chanel counter has been ransacked).