Sunday, 17 June 2012


Me trotting around by the fridge at home (where else?) in my new Isabel Marant Etoile Haca jacket. 
I LOVE this little fellow. It's brilliantly quilted. It's cut so perfectly at the wrist. It has just the right narrowness in the arms. It even has a slight biker vibe from the side. Oh it's divine I tell you. I've been enjoying wearing it enormously (as you can see...)

Wearing: Topshop black Jamie jeans and white neppy tee, ancient Converses and Essie varnish in Clam Bake.

I'd had my beady eye on this lovely jacket for quite some time but hesitated initially. I was worried it might be a one-season-wonder. My dawdling of course ensured I missed my chance - it promptly sold out. Even the good people at Matches gently tried to encourage me to let the jacket go - it had sold out everywhere

Naturally, therefore, I took it as a sign when one day I was milling around their website and magically my size appeared. And I'm really pleased I took the plunge - it's so special and will only grow more so as time passes. Sometimes it's the best thing to take a little more time over a piece you think you love. Let it go, let the hype die down and then see if you still feel it's you. I always have a fluttering heart about many a thing I see on glossy pages, but it's learning to separate such passing whims from true love that is the key. I'm getting better at it in my ripe old age! 

Incidentally, I wore it last night to the theatre as part of a different ensemble from that above, and a friend said it reminded her of something, she wasn't sure what. I've decided it reminded her of far flung travels morphed with of-the-moment effortless cool. At home anywhere and always ready for an adventure. I'm sure she'd agree. :)


Friday, 15 June 2012


How lovely is this jewellery by Le Mome Bijou? Pretty lovely. I am a girl that does not mind wearing a bit of life advice upon my wrist or around my neck. I'm not a screaming slogan sort of a girl though (heavens no) so it has to be subtle, not in your face. Such bits and pieces would rub shoulders with my everyday jewellery, part-hidden and largely unnoticed except for a flash of colour here and there.  But they can still quietly reassure and remind and maybe, sometimes, even inspire.  
These subtle little treasures come with an array of sayings and sweet nothings dangling from them: 

"Je vois le vie en rose" 
"I've got you under my skin", "Life is a journey, not a destination" 
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift"

... to name but a few. 
These lovely bracelets are available from Matches (where incidentally all the images are from too)


Saturday, 2 June 2012


It's that time of year again - hurrah! The coral nail varnish is out, the exfoliating, buffing and moisturising has begun in earnest, and I'm getting a little over excited about my impending trip to the mecca that is Heathrow Terminal 5 (you think I'm joking, I'm not. I love it. I already know what my airport outfit is.) 

I'm off on holiday in but a few days, and as per, have been crafting and re-crafting my 'what to pack' list. 

Untitled #12
I really like having a clear list of things to bring so that a) I know what to pack (duh) and b) so that when I'm on holiday I don't have outfit panics and can glide from one darn fine outfit to the next. This is mostly for evening and day trips, because realistically much of my time is spent with my nose in a book by the pool, much to my boyfriend's chagrin. He's a pool games and bike rides sort of a fellow...

We're off to the same place in France that we've been early-"summering" at for a few years now with his parentals (Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse). I only need one or two evening outfits, most evenings are spent in what I hope resembles a sort of effortlessly stylish comfort - navy mariners and cream light cable knits for when a chill is in the air; white cotton blouses and cut-off denim shorts or jeans. 

My summer packing elements remain much the same as last year and form the foundations of my holiday wardrobe. Basic tees, pretty blouses, denim cut offs, one pieces and bikinis, fine gold jewellery, simple neutral sandals, black havaianas and converses, a favourite perfume or two (mine are Jo Malone Wild Bluebell for day and Pomegranate Noir for evening). 

I've always favoured white cotton blouses for Spring and Summer, and I recently came across these two little fellows in Whistles - they're everything I ever wanted from white cotton blouses and more. I stumbled across them in a post-exams haze, so glad am I that even with my befuddled brain their brilliance still shone out from amongst the rails. 
Whistles blouses - perfecto. 
I've fallen pretty hard for Topshop's new Neppy tees. Have you seen them? Yes they have that strange curved hem that hangs a little too low at the back, but they are so good. I've been wearing them so often. Some would say too often. I highly recommend. 


As well as the usual basics I think it's really nice to have a few bits and pieces that you feel are really special and you look forward to wearing whilst you're away. My new hero bits and pieces for this holiday include my delumptious Isabel Marant blue jacket, red frill Topshop shift dress and simple black Topshop blouse with lace panels. 

I'm very excited, and will be taking photos to share on Le Blog in no time at all!