Sunday, 5 February 2012


Untitled #10
Left top to bottom: Links of London, Dana Levy, Lucy Folk, Dana Levy, Links of London; Middle: Sandro, Topshop, Repetto; Right: Phoebe Coleman, Aamaya by Priyanka

I must admit I do not have much of a way with accessories. Simplicity always seems so much more appealing and much more "me". Of course I make an exception for delicate gold jewellery and in the last few days I've been taking tentative steps into ring territory too - with a thinner than thin gold ring from June Designs on Etsy and an equally skinny diamante rings from Accessorize. 

But lately I seem unable to resist the charms of friendship bracelets. It started last summer when I discovered Lucy Folk, and is reignited on a nigh-on daily basis. I love how they look with delicate gold jewellery, piled two or three high, providing an unexpected pop of neon bright colour. 

Jak & Jil
I like friendship bracelets set against a backdrop of simplicity - a grey marl t-shirt or cashmere jumper, jeans and ballet pumps or suede boots. This way I feel like I stay the right side of chic instead of straying into (whisper it) emo-gap-year-student territory.