Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kate Bosworth At Coachella

Having spied some brilliant Coachella pictures over on the Alice Through The Looking Glass Blog (see Alice's post here), I have in a matter of nano-seconds become obsessed with Kate Bosworth's easy summer style. That lace top, those denim shorts, those boots!! Between you and I, I strongly suspect I am already the owner of those little ankle boots - I fancy they are a Maje pair, which have been my trusty companions for Autumn and Winter. I'm overjoyed to see they work beautifully with summer clothes too and
I'm looking forward to trying them out with shorts when the weather permits me to do so. (Some Londonders seem to believe this time has already come - I'm not so sure?! Perhaps I'm just not brave enough!)

The pictures have also set the wheels in motion for some pay day musings - I love Kate's Mulberry Denim Mini Messenger - the perfect little summer bag with it's scalloped edges and delicate proportions.

(images from Popsugar)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

On another note...

Just tried on my new Zara shorts I purchased yesterday for a snip at 19.99! They called to me from the rail. I think they have rather a 3.1 Phillip Lim air to them, and that can only be a good thing don't you think? I'm off to take them on their first outing now for wedding wine tasting and no doubt some vegetarian fair to accompany it with the boyf and his brother and soon to be wife!

Shorts and belt - Zara, T-shirt- Topshop, Tights - Wolford

tinker TAYLOR soldier spy..

It is nigh on official - Rebecca Taylor holds the key to every pretty wardrobe conundrum I find myself faced with. Beautifully delicate wispy of floral dress? Check. Denim jackets that don't stary into scary biker territory for those who really couldn't pull of such a look (me.)? Check. By adding feminine but cool touches to every piece she has - the peppering of polka dots on the denim jacket and the wonderfully fitted arms are what did it for me - Rebecca Taylor creates clothes that scream Spring and I wish I could buy them all.

I first noticed that this might be a label I'd want to explore when slavishly reading Olivia Palermo's daily diary on at the moment. After shedding a tear or two over the incredible way she puts her outfits together, be they made up of Zara, Topshop, sequinned Converses (where can I find these?!) or Hermes and YSL, everything looks so perfect.
Now my name sake owns quite a lot of Rebecca Taylor, and I don't blame her.

I'd love to have the above outfit tucked away in tissue paper ready to wear to the wedding next Saturday! Alas a little self control must be practiced and unless my numbers come up I shall be wearing a similar (let me dream) floral yellow layered dress from Oasis.
It is the accessories that are giving me sleepless nights - I am currently jacketless which is a must for the service itself! It's looking like it'll be a little cropped black number from Topshop. It goes well, but here's the thing... does wearing black to a wedding end up whispering 'I disapprove of this union' on my behalf?! I do hope not. It is a worry.

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