Sunday, 28 April 2013


 After reading about Revlon's new range of Nude nail varnishes I was very keen to investigate. I picked up the 'Beige Nude' shade this weekend and I LOVE it. Before buying this, my favourite nude shade was Essie 'Brooch The Subject' which was a great first foray into nude varnishes, but it didn't seem to respond well to base coats, which I prefer to use. The Revlon varnish goes on beautifully - in quite a thin, gel-like way. I used a couple of coats and that was enough for me with a layer of Seche Vite top coat. I think this will definitely be one of my go-to varnishes for the foreseeable future!


Thursday, 25 April 2013


 I've been drawn to the idea of a kimono robe for YEARS but never got round to actioning the idea. When I was little, my Grandpa brought my sister and I (possibly even my brother too - the poor chap) back silky kimono dressing gowns from one of his trips. Mine was pink with a huge rose embroidered on it. I felt pretty darn glamorous in it I won't lie. 
I love the idea of wearing a robe like this over un-fancy, comfortable nightwear. A love worn white t-shirt from some club you once belonged to many moons ago or a marathon your boyfriend ran one time, with and cotton shorts, for example ( I say for example - that's a pretty darn accurate description of my night time attire right there). There's something very Carrie Bradshaw about mixing a bit of vintage-esque glamour with the everyday, and I find it incredibly cheering.
I'm saving this little treasure for when I move back to my London flat post-finals and am looking forward to taking it away for a weekend in France. My boyfriend's family will think I think I'm Greta Garbo, but I don't much care. :)


Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I'm an avid reader of Emily Weiss' Into The Gloss and so was naturally sold on nigh on every product she mentioned in her recent 'Emily's EssentialsTop Shelf feature. I'm always inclined to trust implicitly the products that beauty aficionados trust, simply because they spend so much time editing out all the products they try and only keeping back the ones that really work. But regardless of all that, I love trying new products and was very intrigued by the two above. I have to admit the thermal water spoke to me for no other reason than Emily's story that accompanied her recommendation: it has made it into Emily's routine following the advice given to her by a terribly chic French woman who said spritzing ones face post-cleansing with thermal water is something one absolutely HAS to do. Needless to say I scurried off to Boots sharpish.
After reading lots of very positive reviews about David Mallett hair care, and trying and failing to track down sulphate free shampoos, I decided to send off to Paris for the first step in the L'Hydration range. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover a sample of the conditioner in the box too. Really looking forward to adding both of these highly recommended products into my routine and seeing how they fare.

Are there any products you've recently enjoyed adding into your routine?


Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Untitled #21
I wanted to take a second to shout from the roottops something you're all probably very aware of, but I've only just noticed. Zara is stuffed full of INCREDIBLE shoes at the moment! It's like all my tribal-inspired-footwear dreams have come true! All at once. Be it high heel, mid heel or flat - they're all pretty perfect. Any of the above selection would be the best finishing touch to simple, clean Spring/Summer outfits, all at super-reasonable prices. Now all that reamins is trying to pick which ones I love the most...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Untitled #20
I have been using wardrobe planning as a most welcome revision distraction lately - it reminds me there is life post-exams which consists of trips to New York, Washington, France and Greece, as well as not spending each and every day at my desk and being able to wear proper clothes again as opposed to lounge wear (and that's putting quite the gloss on leggings and sweatshirts I won't lie).
To achieve my aim of having a pulled-together, reliable seasonal wardrobe this year I have without a doubt upped my game. I've been pretty darn ruthless. I don't want to have any concerns about over-exposure on the chest or legs front, or that fabrics are too clingy, too hot, too restrictive. I'm sticking to what I know I like, what works for me and, where appropriate, buying in multiple colourways (see the Topshop lace collar tops which I already own in red, navy and white and may well add black to the collection). The Whistles sleeveless blouse and Selected Femme vest made the cut because they can be relied upon not to reveal too much. I've historically bought pretty sleeveless blouses which end up sitting forlorn in my chest of drawers because of this very problem.
I rely on white tops all year round - they're fresh and classically spring/summer/Little House on the Prairie/Amanda Seyfried in Mama Mia. I love the beautifully intricate lace sleeve on the Zara blouse. Perfection with distressed denim shorts.
I've never bought from Mink Pink before, but saw this dress on ASOS and took a chance on it - it's lightweight and perfect for hot temperatures. I enjoy a touch of boho now and then and this dress does just the trick!
White jeans are going to be the cornerstone of my Spring/Summer drobe - I can't WAIT to wear them. I also can't be without a good denim jacket and recently sold mine to replace it with this over sized one from Topshop.
I've set my cap at these cotton jumpers from French Connection: one a slightly Marant-ish grey and black knit and the other a classic cream/white cable knit.
 Being keen on an investment sandal, I would happily welcome one or all of these sandal options from Duccio Venturi, Ancient Greek and Tabitha Simmons.
I LOVE Topshop swimsuits - note - swimsuits. Their bikinis are an endless source of disappointment for me. They just. don't. fit. someone. with. boobs. There - I said it. However, their swimsuits are perfect - super prints and patterns, cut low at the back. This cream cover up with a scoop back is also the bees knees. Note too: Monsoon are also doing some pretty rad cover ups this year as what seems to be part of their return to their roots.
Accessories provide the perfect opportunity to add a bit of a tribal edge to simple outfits - through over-embellished clutches (this one is Accessorize) and OTT Aztec earrings (Topshop).  
And nothing would be complete without a seasonal fragrance - mine this Spring/Summer will be Love in White by Creed (it just smells of simple, happy, sunny summers).

Top: Topshop lace collar blouses, Selected Femme Norma Top, Whistles Thea Top, Whistles Structured Tee, Topshop Neppy Stripe Tee, Zara Combination Crochet Blouse
2nd: Mink Pink dress, Topshop White Jamie Jeans, Topshop Oversized Denim Jacket, French Connection Slub Speckled Jumper, French Connection Cable Classic Jumper
3rd: Duccio Venturi Suede Sandals, Tabitha Simmons Felicity sandals, Ancient Greek Iphigenia Sandals, Topshop Newbie Sandals, French Connection Nina Sandals, Converse Light Grey High Tops
Bottom: Topshop Swimsuit, Topshop Guipure Cover Up, Monsoon Henrietta Heritage Kaftan, Lily and Lionel Viper Scarf, Topshop Aztec Earrings, Topshop Overlay earrings, Creed Love in White, Accessorize Indigo Mirror Clutch