Monday, 29 August 2011

Ok ok, so it is not quite that time just yet, but a gal can dream. 

As you might know by now, I am a winter gal through and through. I try to be a summer dresser but it doesn't come naturally to me. Crisp Autumns and icy Winters - seasons such as these are more my bag. 

With this in mind, I have started thinking about what I'd like to be bundled up in this winter, and it looks a little something like this, so far:
Untitled #6
Knitwear: Acne, Etoile Isabel Marant, Theory, Topshop, Ballet Pumps: Repetto, Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman and Ugg, Topshop Leather Skinnies, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, APC Wallet, Balenciaga black City

I am becoming nigh on obsessed with chunky knits - precisely the type made for the aforementioned bundling. Topshop are doing some lovely ones which are in-store now. On the pricier scale Acne's navy angora sweater ticks all the boxes  (in her style bible ((can we call it that?)) Ines de la Fressange nods encouragingly towards the longevity of navy knits - which is so much more than good enough for me). Theory's Aran knit is be-a-u-tiful, but with a price tag that is sadly making my eyes water more than I'd like. 

The leather skinnies and classic wash jeans explain themselves, as do the black and nude Repettos (such items have time and time again worked hard all winter), but I fear my inclusion of those fur lined little devils at the bottom of the shoe row might have you nudging your mouse towards the 'un-follow' button on bloglovin. Bear with me, I have not lost my marbles. 

I remember the unadulterated joy I felt when I had my first and only pair of chestnut short Uggs. Oh I was suddenly Sienna Miller, and all was right with the world. My feet were, of course, utterly toasty and when the snow came the grip on the thick sole saw me chuckling at the other girls slipping and sliding on icy pavements whilst I strode confidently on. 
Yes, when I pulled them on last winter the smug feeling was still there, but there was a little bit of shame to boot. I didn't want people to think I thought I was chic wearing them - I was simply being practical. They are very good boots and they deserve their place in a winter wardrobe. My loyalty to them has not waned, despite their fall from stylish grace. But do you know what? As I get older I would rather be the wise owl in the boots than the painfully cool 'fashionista' with a broken hip. 
This winter though, I will be choosing the mini boot - the shortest incarnation of the classic Ugg - which I think can slip away unnoticed, and do the job it does so well, but quietly. I'd be interested to see what you think of this confession! Have you found a good alternative to Ugg-type boots?

Sam Edelman's Petty boots are a lovely shape, with a heel height that is just right. I found myself wearing black ankle boots day in and out last Autumn & Winter and did so in some very uncomfortable and somewhat ugly ones from Zara. I shall not be making the same mistake again. I'm getting much better now at identifying the items that I wear over and over during a season, that provide the building blocks in a wardrobe, and investing accordingly where it is wise to.

You may have noticed a coat is missing at this point - not an oversight on my part, but just a 'to be continued' if you will. Try as I might I cannot get an image of the black bouclé coat from IRO that I pledged my loyalty to back in the Spring. As soon as I can, it will of course be duly added in to my wardrobe planning for the coming big chill. 

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Oh how I love this photo from IRO's AW11 look book. 

This gal looks ridiculously cool. Needless to say I want everything she is wearing. 
Yes I know, sadly the cool-girl french attitude might not be for sale. But I'll work on that whilst I wait for the first deliveries to drop in store. 

By the by, I'm amassing my thoughts on key buys for the Autumn, stay tuned for more on that. Are you thinking about your Autumn essentials yet?