Monday, 19 July 2010

Two Things I've Decided I Need In My Life

Etoile Isabel Marant Striped Jumper and Acne Nelli Print Skirt (in both cases I'd really appreciate the following added extras - Isabel Marant earrings and Acne Reba Chunky Polo Neck.. whit woo.)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I Rather Love Her Look

Olivia Palermo - what a gal. She has a way with clothes like no other. Between you and I, I'm convinced a good deal of her styling success is down to her confessed ownership of a clothes steamer. She looks so wonderfully primped and pressed at all times! (Not to self - buy steamer when I move flat and can locate a cubby hole to store it in). 

The reason I love this look is the flats Miss Palermo is sporting. Yes their Lanvin (naturalment) and not any old run down Reeboks circa '95, but they are flats none the less. And whenever Olivia rocks flats, I sit up and take note.
Sadly the Toe Cap Leather Sneakers Olivia is pounding the mean streets of the City in have sold out on Net-A-Porter, but these Kurt Geiger Luckys are a steal in comparison, and in the sale now!

Images: Zimbo and Kurt Geiger

Monday, 14 June 2010

Ring Ring

At the moment I'm coveting this ring by Daisy Knights:

I have a near mild obsession with seeking out whisper thin, subtle yet special, gold jewellery. This was sparked by a minuscule star strung bracelet I tracked down for my 20th birthday and have worn near-daily since. Then came Victorian charms from Annina Vogel on a gold necklace after seeing her inexhaustible collection featured in Vogue's secret address book. And a pair of Alex Monroe clover earrings last winter brings us up to date. It is a small collection I'll give you that, but these are treasured items, and the only jewellery I wear, save for a few bejewelled bib necklaces when a grey jumper or stripes are in need of bling.

I've often worried skulls look a little bit morbid when they're used to adorn everything from a somewhat ubiquitous scarf, clutch clasp, and particularly when brazenly emblazoned and studded and blown up to three times the normal size on a Thomas Wylde bag... I'm just not at ease with it. But, when made out of soft, nubby looking gold - in a tiny earring or necklace - I find myself warming to the idea. These little gold skulls would peep out when hair is carelessly tucked behind an ear, or wink up at me from upon my finger as I leaf through a mountain of papers at work. These pieces are little treasures - and ones I hope to add to my collection soon.

Image:, Daisy Knights Ring - 75

Friday, 4 June 2010

En Français

Just back from a few days in France - it was lovely, very windy, a little bit grey for most of the time, but incredibly sunny on the last day so all was not lost.
Here are a few pictures of my holiday wardrobe & essentials. Turns out I didn't pack enough!! More stripes were needed and, due to the wind, black skinny jeans & little jackets. Hopefully I'll have it all finely tuned for my next holiday!

Must have - Kiehl's, Essie, Clinique, ByRedo & Tom Ford Carys (featuring some errant curls!):

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ciao Bella!

On a lunch time stroll around H&M I happened upon this little beauty... What's this I thought? Missoni for H&M? Negative. A bemused shopper put their Missoni cover up back on an H&M hanger? No such luck. Turns out it is part of the Fashion Against Aids at H&M - which landed in selected stores recently.
I'm quietly smug about my new purchase - my smugness crept into my photo booth images I must admit! For 7.99 I consider it quite the steal :)

I always end up stroking the Missoni playsuits in Terminal 5 - thinking, knowing, they'd top my holiday look off if only I could scrape together enough coppers. The dream of the Missoni playsuit is still alive, but until my ship comes in I shall very much enjoy this worthy homage to the masters of the colourful knit. I'm faking it 'til I make it.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dreaming of Packing My Bags

Despite the moaning I went in for in my last post, previously unforeseen circumstances have led to a total 180 turn in my seasonal feelings. Work has given me time off at the end of May and I'm off to France avec the boyfriend's family who have a lovely house there. Within a few hours of hearing the news tickets and a swimming costume were bought!I went into Topshop after work on the hunt for an actual swim suit instead of the usual bikini. Since going to University and moving to London my exercise regime has suffered. Well, not only

suffered but positively shriveled and died from being left out in the cold for so long. Hence I am not about to show off my newly acquired tummy off to the French in a bikini. It is nothing a bit of exercise won't rid of, and I'm probably being a little OTT about it all, but for now I plan to be all about the swim suit. And so I picked up this beautiful little number in Topshop on Friday evening and I love it - it's so flattering and pretty thanks to some clever ruching and delicate florals. I fancy it'll look mighty decorative on a sun lounger with some 50s-esque shades on courtesy of Tom Ford.

So with this in mind I have picked out my other must have summer pieces. My approach to Summer dressing is so different to the way I operate in the Winter. I plan out each piece carefully, attempting to assemble what can only be described as a capsule wardrobe. I think this is because I find Summer dressing so much harder - I need limited, fail safe options, otherwise I know I'll make outrageous mistakes - mistakes that will haunt me as they stare out from multiple holiday photos. My inspiration this summer is without a doubt, the beautiful Kate Bosworth, and every aspect of her flawless wardrobe. Hence my need for some Tom Ford Cary's and the Mulberry Mini Messenger to punctuate my Summer style. Add this to oodles of white cotton broderie anglaise blouses and oversized jersey and I'm (hopefully) away!

Now I just need to locate said cotton tops, black patent gladiators, nude ballet flats and statement scarf. Phew - quite the challenge.

(Images: Reiss Chinos & Denim Jacket -, Topshop Floral Swimsuit and Jumpsuit -, Mulberry Denim Mini Messenger-, Tom Ford Cary's:, Byredo Blanche -

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hanging On To Winter..

I have to be honest - I am a winter baby and thus, a winter dresser. I have ridiculously pale skin, it takes on a bluish hue at times, and there is no way I could maintain enough dedication to fake tan to make a healthier shade look convincing. I long to have a festival inspired look - all tousled hair and sun kissed skin all mixed in with an air of Bridget Bardot nonchalance... but sadly I'm far too straight laced.

Summer came and went recently in London, loitering for but a week or two. I found myself peering out at the sunny day- anxiously, hesitantly, leaving behind my coat, and stepping outside surrounded by an air of worry on my way to work. Was it really time to let go of my now trusty leoaprd print coat?? Was I being just a little bit mad?!
As it happens, no. It went bitterly cold again a few days later and my faux friend was back out for a trip to the Junction for brunch, teamed with my wool APC jumper, Topshop jeans and Converses. I could barely contain my excitement. I find the layers of winter just a lot easier - the coats, the jumpers the shearling lined shoes!! I'm already longing for next winter and all the Burberry-esque aviator jackets that are sure to catch my eye.

Bad news is the sun seems to be back. (I know it's good news really, it just means I have to get planning my summer wardrobe fast, ready for the big reveal!) The little Mulberry from my last post is still a big contender, mixed with lovely crisp white cotton blouses (Zara?), Reiss's lovely new sunglasses, denim shorts, Topshop kimono jackets and breton stripes. Quite possibly even a statement scarf to replace the statement coat too? Hmm... Erdem florals would do quite nicely.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kate Bosworth At Coachella

Having spied some brilliant Coachella pictures over on the Alice Through The Looking Glass Blog (see Alice's post here), I have in a matter of nano-seconds become obsessed with Kate Bosworth's easy summer style. That lace top, those denim shorts, those boots!! Between you and I, I strongly suspect I am already the owner of those little ankle boots - I fancy they are a Maje pair, which have been my trusty companions for Autumn and Winter. I'm overjoyed to see they work beautifully with summer clothes too and
I'm looking forward to trying them out with shorts when the weather permits me to do so. (Some Londonders seem to believe this time has already come - I'm not so sure?! Perhaps I'm just not brave enough!)

The pictures have also set the wheels in motion for some pay day musings - I love Kate's Mulberry Denim Mini Messenger - the perfect little summer bag with it's scalloped edges and delicate proportions.

(images from Popsugar)

Saturday, 24 April 2010

On another note...

Just tried on my new Zara shorts I purchased yesterday for a snip at 19.99! They called to me from the rail. I think they have rather a 3.1 Phillip Lim air to them, and that can only be a good thing don't you think? I'm off to take them on their first outing now for wedding wine tasting and no doubt some vegetarian fair to accompany it with the boyf and his brother and soon to be wife!

Shorts and belt - Zara, T-shirt- Topshop, Tights - Wolford

tinker TAYLOR soldier spy..

It is nigh on official - Rebecca Taylor holds the key to every pretty wardrobe conundrum I find myself faced with. Beautifully delicate wispy of floral dress? Check. Denim jackets that don't stary into scary biker territory for those who really couldn't pull of such a look (me.)? Check. By adding feminine but cool touches to every piece she has - the peppering of polka dots on the denim jacket and the wonderfully fitted arms are what did it for me - Rebecca Taylor creates clothes that scream Spring and I wish I could buy them all.

I first noticed that this might be a label I'd want to explore when slavishly reading Olivia Palermo's daily diary on at the moment. After shedding a tear or two over the incredible way she puts her outfits together, be they made up of Zara, Topshop, sequinned Converses (where can I find these?!) or Hermes and YSL, everything looks so perfect.
Now my name sake owns quite a lot of Rebecca Taylor, and I don't blame her.

I'd love to have the above outfit tucked away in tissue paper ready to wear to the wedding next Saturday! Alas a little self control must be practiced and unless my numbers come up I shall be wearing a similar (let me dream) floral yellow layered dress from Oasis.
It is the accessories that are giving me sleepless nights - I am currently jacketless which is a must for the service itself! It's looking like it'll be a little cropped black number from Topshop. It goes well, but here's the thing... does wearing black to a wedding end up whispering 'I disapprove of this union' on my behalf?! I do hope not. It is a worry.

(image from

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Beauty In The Little Black Box..

Look what's arrived.....!!

There is nothing like a little black Net-A-Porter box arriving in the post! Thanks to being on the waiting list, and someone else's indecisiveness, a 3.1 Phillip Lim Edie Bow Bag is now in my clutches, never to be pried away!

I blogged a little while ago about Rachel Bilson's Edie Bow Bag - a thing of utter beauty - and I'm ridiculously excited about having one of my very own.

I'm going to wear it with EVERYTHING. Possibly even my with pyjamas too.

(Images from & my own photographs)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Weekend of Domesticity

There's a scene in Sex & The City when Carrie is describing a New Yorker's Saturday, flowers and Kiehl's brown bag in hand - this conjures up the perfect image of the kind of weekend I love.
And oh how I do love weekends. There is nothing quite like a Saturday and Sunday spent out and about and at home, eating eggs Benedict and blueberry pancakes for brunch at Brew 'down the Junction', visiting Portobello Market, pottering around finding various bits and bobs for the flat, buying flowers, the Sunday Times, a new nail varnish or two (this week Lilacism by Essie) and procuring a little chicken all ready for roasting.

I normally avoid central London at the weekends - taking the tube to and from Oxford Circus in an over stuffed carriage full of angry people every weekday can put a girl off - but I was in desperate need of a hair cut - my fringe passed my eyes weeks ago...

After fitting in a haircut at Daniel Hersheson on Saturday I happened across Anthropologie on Regent Street. I've been meaning to explore America's latest export for ages but never seem to be on the right side of said street. I didn't go a bundle on the clothes, but was so excited by the beautiful home section. The bowls little and large, mugs, cups, saucers and pots are exactly what I've been dreaming of. It has become my life's mission to recreate Nigella's kitchen - all those fairy lights bowls that look like they were happened upon in a far away Moroccan market, perfect for that easily whipped up dip or deceptively complex salad.

They also have a great selection of books, coffee table appropriate, and lovely recipe books. I think I might return mid-week to recapture that weekend feeling and buy a book or two.

The bowls and cups will have to wait until we have a kitchen with more than one functioning cupboard and a landlady who moves at a slightly less glacial pace...
In the meantime I plan to practice my domestic godess-icity with a lovely Sunday roast, Hugh's (FW naturallment) rhubarb with orange and honey and The Time Traveller's Wife.

All images and products from

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bon Appetit!

Julie & Julia made my Friday evening last week (yes, yes I may well have pre-ordered it).

Meryl Streep - a firm favourite since The Bridges of Madison County - is brilliant, and in my eyes, still a winner!

To mark this fact, the boyfriend and I shall be raising our glasses with a high pitched 'bon appetit!' whenever the opportunity presents itself.

(Image: tv guide)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wedding Guest Pondering..

A lovely wedding invitation landed with a thud (it contained both invite and wedding list and directions!) on the mat yesterday.

On the 1st of May my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend will be tying the knot!
The wedding and reception are
presenting various style hurdles which I shall need to hop delicately over. Firstly, it is in May - not entirely sure what the weather tends to do
at this time of year, and it could be a little on the chillsome side.

Secondly, the reception is being held on a boat on the Thames - should I plan an outfit that works well with deck shoes? Or hope the stabilisers on the boat will be better than those on the ferries over to France that I remember from childhood?

As well as the amazing Stella McCartney Spring Linen-Blend Dress above, here are some other current options filling my head:

A beautiful Cherry Blossom Silk dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs is the front runner, but
in a world where money was no object I would opt for anything floral from Erdem - Ideally this Floral Print Silk Satin Dress.

I'm sure they'd all look tip top with a reflective orange life jacket!

These tick all the boxes I seem to have assembled for Spring/Summer wedding
guest outfits. Quietly beautiful, demure, ceremony and reception appropriate - oh they're just lovely. Extra points go to the Stella McCartney dress for working with or without tights, weather dependent!

Am also looking forward to Topshop and Whistles' Spring Summer dress offerings - but whichever dress is chosen, I think I'll team the winning number with ankle boots to add a little something to what I hope will be a charming little dress and an equally charming day!

(photo credits: Net-A-Porter)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Hello Lover... The 3.1 Phillip Lim Edie Bow Bag

I have a rather awful confession to make. The ink on the receipt of my new oak Alexa is barely dry, and already I am lusting after the attention of a new suitor - 3.1 Phillip Lim's Edie Bow Bag. I know it is hideous behaviour and I should be utterly ashamed!!
But I can justify this - a) it is black and the Alexa I have is Oak and b) it is bloody sold out so I can only lust and that is as far as it goes.

I long to wear it with everything just like Rachel Bilson - a shining example of why this beautiful bag is at the very top of my very long 'must have this very instant' list.

p.s. it may be sold out but I may have added my name to a certain waiting list - here's hoping. Apologies bank account - merci tiny pay check.

Photo credit:

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wind and Rain Can Be Such A Pain

The weather outside remains, at best, a hideous joke. Rain pelted down in London today and it didn't seem to stop for a second. (Yes, yes at least it's not snowing).

The wind and rain is playing havoc with my oh so delicate skin (it isn't really, I'm just being precious and wanted desperately to test out a product I've been very keen on trying)

Step forward Mac's Care Blends Essential Oil - Sweet Orange + Lavender.

It already sounds like it fits the bill, falling under Mac's 'Warm & Cosy' section. The heating in the flat takes hours to crank up - but who cares when such a product promises this and more?
I couldn't wait to get home, wash my face and add a few drops to my moisturiser and quench my thirsty skin (I'm sure it's thirsty.. isn't it?).

It smells so delicious - like the best whiff of a Terry's Chocolate Orange. The oil can be used like this added to facial and body moisturisers to amp up their effects, used alone after cleansing for a mini facial (as recommended over on the Vogue blog) or to add a lovely dewiness under everyday make up, which I plan to try on the morrow!

(Image from

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Welcome to Gone With The Fashion - Off We Go!

Welcome to my new blog - featuring the thoughts and obsessions of a very little fish in an enormous fashion pond. From day to day style and beauty musings, to news of long-lusted after buys and plans for pay day extravagance, all shall be duly recorded in the hope you find bits and bobs to entertain, inspire and amuse you along the way!

A horribly rainy Sunday made for a lovely read of The Sunday Times Style magazine indoors - the best part came when I clocked a pair of Topshop Clogs that I actually rather liked. Have I gone mad? Up until now this whole Clog affair left me rather cold, but the Topshop offering captures more than an air of Chanel with the addition of a sling-back sort of strap for instantly increased wearability.

The rest of the day was spent soup making - thank you Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall for a rather natty Butternut Squash & Chilli recipe - and painting my nails (take note: Essie Mink Muffs, a wonderous substitue for Particuliere if your local Chanel counter has been ransacked).