Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I have been busy amassing my autumn/winter wardrobe. My shopping style has changed a tad according to my new found student-hood (again!). It's tough but the student discount sweetens the bitter financial pill.
When all is said and done I shop a lot less and plan a lot more. This is all well and good - BUT - it has made me an uber hesitant shopper. If shopping were a driving test I'd fail repeatedly. My hand darts back and forwards to the rail, I walk purposefully towards the till before slowly retreating, my breathing becomes strained, my eyes dart left and right. I then walk straight out of the the door (putting the item back first of course, what d'ya take me for). 

After months of the aforementioned behaviour, I have actually managed to complete a few journeys to the till and now proudly have the carefully selected items below hanging or siting in my wardrobe as we speak. Primed and ready to go. 

Untitled #16
- Etoile Isabel Marant Monty jacket: a delightful autumnal cardi-jacket which will step in where my spring/summer Haca jacket has performed so perfectly.
- Topshop coats nattered about here and here
- Topshop wooly hat
- JW Anderson Bat jumper - I LOVE THIS!! Milly of Milly Fell Into The Wardrobe's glee upon bagging hers was all the encouragement I needed.
- Reiss Grey Sweatshirt (Mine is actually a Gap one in the sale. Hugely useful and inspired by Laura at Wearing It Today)
- Topshop Faux-Leather skinny trousers
- Topshop Denim dress
- Nike Free Running trainers - I'm very, very excited about these. Ever since Leandra of Man Repeller mused about wearing these with leather trousers and a pea coat I practically had to be restrained. This idea sounds so perfect to me and I can't wait to try it out.
- Isabel Marant Bazil sneakers - these will truly come into their own come Autumn. I plan to wear them with denim and dresses. They're just achingly cool. 
- I've been after an evil eye necklace for aaages. This one is Aamaya by Priyanka, but I found a beautiful tiny one on Etsy. It's been a pretty permanent fixture since it arrived with the postman. 

Despite my new shopping habits being a little tricky, I do think they make for a better wardrobe overall. Each thing I buy, I love. Rare mistakes are quickly ebayed and expenses recouped! 

 I also have my eye on these three little fellows - I've been on the look out for more evening things on account of the fact my 'drobe is sadly lacking in this department! And lovely heels for £16 aren't to be sniffed at. Wouldn't you agree?

Untitled #17
Topshop full skirt, Matalan heels, ASOS clutch

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I normally do a packing post or two or ten before going on holiday, but this year I thought it would bore the socks off any regular readers because it was essentially the same as last year and the year before that! 
I thought instead I might change things up a bit and do a few outfit posts from the week I just spent in Greece. I spent 7 lovely days lounging in the mid 30s warmth, so some of the outfits below were worn more than once - hence there not being 7 different outfits! These were all ensembles I wore down to the Taverna before feasting on taramasalata, kleftiko, fried courgettes and baklava to name but a few. 

All of the pictures had to be self portraits I'm afraid - apologies for the quality and the mess in the background!

 American Apparel grey t-shirt and Topshop peplum skirt
French Connection navy midi dress (eBayed)

Topshop one piece swimsuit and a stupid face, which I pulled on account of the fact that I felt like a noodle photographing myself in my swimming costume, but it's new and I love it!

Zara denim shorts (eBayed) and See by Chloe blouse

Topshop yellow midi dress (eBayed) and Reiss necklace

I wore this little fellow when I boarded a speedboat from Kaminaki to Agni to explore another taverna. I allowed myself to feel frightfully glamorous, even if my windswept hair had to be wrestled back into position post-speed boat journey. 

Holiday beauty essentials included Essie's Clam Bake (in all of the above photos), Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Cologne which I acquired at the airport and is the most lovely holiday summery fragrance and, of course, La Roche Posay factor 50 sunscreen.