Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Two photos which have stuck in my head over the past few weeks:
Léa of Ballad of a Thin Girl via Vanessa Jackman

Via Dead Fleurette via
I think the majority of my sense of style most probably comes from others. It is a strange thing to admit I suppose and reading that sentence back I've decided it warrants more exploration.

I do have a sense of style, and personal style too - I'm sure of that. Yet I take most of my inspiration from people whose style I admire; on blogs, on the street, at work and so on. I know without a doubt the things I like and don't like, the pieces I am drawn to instantly, and likewise, those I'll never want to wear, and yet, and yet... more often that not, the starting point for my style comes from others. 

How I admire those rare creatures who are stylish down to the bone - who take note of, but require no sartorial cues. Theirs is a skill that is innate, not imitated. It is ageless, timeless, seasonless and (though a clumsy word) fashionless. I think they are rarer breed than we all might think. 

With this in mind I think the best way to explain it is that whilst my personal style is at the core of how I dress - it is mailable and open to influence from a sudden inspiration. I may see an image, a cut of trouser, a colourful collar, and these details appeal to a facet of my sense of style - they become something I want to incorporate into my style because it feels me, or perhaps even who I aspire to be? 

It doesn't have to be classed as an imitation then, but perhaps more as an incorporation. This could all be rambling nonsense, a verbose cloak for what is essentially lack of originality and copy-cat style - but I don't think so. It's an openness to timeless striking style that appeals to such a degree that you let it come along with you and become, for however long (a season or a lifetime), a part of you. I am still hugely picky and over the years can be won over less and less by hype and fast fashion (I still have my weaknesses: the PS11 being one, but let's cough conveniently over that).

This is all utterly wonderful, but I suppose in this admission to open minded style, one has to steer clear of that tricky road where upon you lose yourself and dress up as another person altogether.  
I don't think I'll go down that fateful road - I'd be all to aware I was only ever an impostor. :)

On that note, when I have duly explained myself, the two beautiful gals in the photos above have made me long for that elusive IM boucle jacket and those enduringly chic Chanel ballet flats. I am inspired by them, and that, as they say, is that.


What do you think? Does pure personal style exist or are we all ultimately influenced by those around us, whether we choose to be or not? How much do you take your cues from those you admire?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

North Face jacket, Saint James tees,  J brand Agnes trousers, Diptyque Baies candle and L'Ombre dans L'eau perfume, Hunter wellies

Cooped up in the office today whilst the sun shone outside, I was desperate to be out and about in the great outdoors, far away from London town.

The exact place I wanted to be, and had in my mind's eye, was at the Lake District cottage my boyfriend and I discovered in November.
It was (without any exaggeration) just the most absolutely lovely place to spend a week, and one of my favourite holidays (stay-cations if you will).
The cottage surpassed our expectations born from the photographs provided online and it was just utterly idyllic. Long walks followed by pub meals by an open fire, before scuttling back to the cottage and lighting another fire and settling down to a film from the huge dvd library at our disposal. Simple and pretty darn perfect.

So, if I could - this is what I'd be wearing today. A mix of city-dweller takes to the countryside essentials, and luxurious extras from Diptyque. And this is where I'd wear it:

Wren Cottage:
Where is your perfect office day-dream getaway?

(p.s. Very keen to try the Saint James breton tops - does anyone know if they are as perfect as they look?)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Theory jumper, Topshop leather trousers, KG ballet pumps, Annina Vogel charm necklace
Just a hasty mini-post to document the jump of the Theory jumper I blogged about recently from the page to my person. 
I gave in and made it mine a week or two ago and have been enjoying wearing it immensely. 

A thousand apologies for the sea sickness-inducing, poor quality photograph, I'm afraid my photographer is feeling a little under the weather and I can't help thinking he didn't put his all into this shot! :) (Not to mention it being taken at the end of a long day for me too.)

I hope it gives a rough idea of how the jumper looks on though - I'll endeavour to post more photos in the future to show the cut at the back and so on. It really is a lovely jumper, both the style and the fabric. 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

My 3.1 Phillip Lim Edie Bow bag

I'm afraid that I, unlike so many others who do posts of this sort, have not been urged by others to divulge the inner workings of my bag - I just thought I would. 
Above is my bag, that I have had now for about a year I think. I bought it after stalking it around the globe - decorating the shoulders of Rachel Bilson and Diane Kruger. 
The leather is absolutely beautiful, thick yet very supple. Having worn it nearly every day since buying it, it still looks as perfect as the day it emerged out of it's Net-a-Porter black box. 

I must admit I did edit out about a gazillion crumpled receipts, that were lingering in and around every corner, and pulled out just the normal things. 
So were you to raid my bag tomorrow you would find:

- My iPod - I have yet to use the iPod function on my iPhone - I tend to be a bit behind with these things! 
- My iPhone - with it's pink polka dot Cath Kidston cover on. What can I say, it's a stylish so and so and demands its own stylish threads.
- Travel card
- Champagne cork - I'm not sure if other people do this, but in my family on a special occasion we keep the champagne cork and push a coin into it. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be lucky, or simply serve as a momento, but I like it. This one is from my last birthday and has for some reason found a home in my handbag, which I also rather like.
- Diptyque solid perfume in Eau Duelle - such a handy size for a handbag! And a lovely vanilla fragrance.
- My current read - Risotto with Nettles: A Memoir with Food by Anna Del Conte. I love food based books and sought this one out after Nigella Lawson mentioned it on one of her early programmes. It's a lovely book peppered with recipes throughout. I'm about half way through now and find it such a calming, interesting read. 
- Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Cambon and Nars lipstick in Red Lizard - I rarely touch up my make-up during the day, except if I'm wearing lipstick. I'm rather new to lipsticks and these are the only two shades I own at the moment. I'm taking them everywhere currently!
- Mason Pearson hairbrush - a mini version of the bigger one I have at home. Without a doubt the best hairbrushes around. 
- Creme de la Mer lip balm - I rediscovered this recently. I originally bought in on a rare 'feeling flush' day whilst at university and found it lurking in an ankle boot in my wardrobe a few weeks ago. Most strange, but a very happy rediscovery - it's a brilliant balm and a great base for lipsticks. 
- Chewing gum - just because!
- Miu Miu wallet - I bought this in the Spring/Summer sales. I knew it wasn't going to last very long and it has already begun to show signs of wear at the corners (and I can't really fit coins in it) but it was love at first sight and until it falls apart entirely I'm sure we will be very happy together. 
- My keys - this mini Bayswater key ring came free when I bought my Alexa and funnily enough it's stuck around longer than the bag! (I sold my Alexa recently).
- Tom Ford Cary sunglasses - Spring seems to have been periodically popping its head around of late, so after months of dark and dreary weather, my shades have taken their rightful place back in my bag. They're a lovely shape - a sort of more cat-eyed version of the ubiquitous Wayfarer. I sought them out after spying them on Kate Bosworth (yes I do gravitate to everything Bosworth-related!)

What's in your bag?

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


I am being a bit of a dullard I admit, not posting my actual outfit photo from today and instead putting together a much better one that I'd have worn if only such things were possible.


The good thing about this though is it's not complete fantasy. I own 4 items in this wonderous selection and so have built around them - maintaing a very vague hint of realism. Calm yourself, I haven't managed to get the PS11 in my clutches yet; such a feat would warrant more than a casual collage I assure you. The pieces of this particular puzzle I already have in my wardrobe are: the Topshop leather leggings and Alex Monroe pea pod gold bracelet and on my dressing table (read in my bathroom cupboard) - Nars Red Lizard lipstick and Diptyque Eau Duelle solid perfume.

But it is the jumper that is really the beating heart of this whole outfit. It is a cashmere mix waffle knit by Theory. It may look deceptively simple, but don't be fooled. See the careful cut - lower around the back, higher at the front? Seams that ensure a certain nonchalance by falling after the natural line of the shoulder? And lastly, the narrow arms, nipping in cleanly at the wrist? Oh it is a basics masterpiece. 

It is rare that I look at something on the hanger and think - you're pretty perfect, utterly understated, and would be unfailingly hard working. We all know how strong basics can create and maintain a wardrobe for years and years, yet sometimes I find myself unwilling to spend money on them because, I suppose, they just aren't exciting enough to part with the pounds. 

I find myself pouring over blogs that focus on the necessity of basics, luxe or otherwise - and they speak to me in a way trend-led blogs simply don't anymore, and have undoubtedly encouraged me to shop in a more considered way. This jumper speaks to me in the same way. 
I appear to be hearing Fashion Voices. :) 

When I pass a rail the 'must have' item warrants less talk time - the quiet, classic ones earn repeat visits and careful consideration. I'm not immune to hype - far from it, but hype or not, I spend more time considering these days, and, more often that not, the momentary hyperventilation quickly passes.

How do you feel about the basics-debate? Do they form the heart of your wardrobe? Do you always focus more on luxury basics to last a lifetime or fall hard and fast for those seasonal trend-led items? ...Or... can there be a happy medium?

Monday, 7 March 2011


Here is a little fellow I felt VERY pleased indeed to come across on eBay. 

I quietly stalked it, smiled that smug one-sided smile one does at your cleveness in finding it in the face of the apparent lack of interest in it, and got quite the adrenaline rush placing a daringly last minute bid to make it mine a week ago, much to my boyfriend's amusement.

But, for all this, when it arrived I was forced to admit it wasn't quite right. My black wool APC jumper with anchor buttons is a size XS and fits exactly how I'd want it to. But this striped, merino wool and cashmere number is a small and yet, sadly, turned out to be exactly that - a little too small. 
I had to force myself to accept that this triumphant purchase just wasn't meant to be. Truth be told I felt a small sort of glow somewhere inside at my new found maturity - accepting that when things just aren't right you should let them go. (Yes, yes this deeply spiritual exploration - all born from a jumper purchse - who'd have thought it?)

I shall be returning the jumper from whence it came - eBay, but if you are at all interested in giving it a good home before I do, just let me know!