Saturday, 14 April 2012


No, this collage doesn't quite live up to its billing, but I fancied doing a little update and trying out my new collage-creating-wonder-app. I'm really rather pleased with my first foray into the medium - I thought people must spend hours lining up and cropping their photographs and don't mind admitting I was pretty jealous of their determination and skill set. Turns out... 69p will do it and it's a piece of cake. (Would you look at those borders!)

A mini-glimpse of things that have been keeping me busy (other than revision text books): my new Mango (read: in my head Marant-esque (indulge me)) purchases - a baseball tee and cream knit, both of which I love. My latest obsession: DIY friendship bracelets alongside my Topshop gold spike bracelet, and finally, me looking rather pleased with myself atop a tree stump in Richmond Park wearing my trusty Gap parka and black Hunter wellington boots. 

Be warned - there might be one or two more of these collage fellows. They just look so chic!