Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Well it certainly has been a while since my last post! A smaaaall hiatus of approximately 12 months. 

As is always the way, life somehow took over. But in recent months I've been missing the blog and I think it is time to focus upon its resurrection! 

What better way to embark upon its return that with something I am currently crushing on humongously: Desmond & Dempsey pyjamas. 

I have a bit of a thing about pyjamas and am already earmarking multiple pairs in the run up to Christmas (I have a feeling that I may need to welcome a pair of Desmond & Dempseys a little bit sooner, however). 

They'd be perfect to pack for a few upcoming weekends in the country with friends, and just for general joyous lounging at home of course. I just love how a classic PJ can make you feel that bit more pulled together and happy to face both the early and lazy mornings, or settle down for the evening in style. 

My favourite Signature Cut sets below are either available now or for pre-order and can be monogrammed for an extra cost (as if the whole situation could get any better!)

All images from Desmond & Dempsey