Saturday, 27 September 2014

It is no secret I love a good weekend. Don't we all! I've noticed during a casual peruse of my Instagram feed that I pretty much do the same sort of thing every weekend, if at all possible.  

A perfect weekend for me starts with a fun Friday evening at the pub (followed, in an ideal world, by Chinese food). On Saturday morning it's off to Wireless Bootcamp on Richmond Green to work it all off. On the way home I buy hydrangeas from the flower stall before having sourdough and a smoothie or a smoked salmon and avocado brunch and heading to Richmond park to hang with the deer. (I say hang. I lose my shit when they get too close.)

Add in some window shopping or actual shopping, or a tart or two in Richmond Hill Bakery, amaretto sours or meal out on Saturday night and a lazy Sunday with some sort of roast and all the boxes are ticked. By Sunday night I'm ready (almost) to start the working week - counting the days until I can do it all again. 

Weekends pictures from my Instagram (gonewiththefashion).