Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Weekend of Domesticity

There's a scene in Sex & The City when Carrie is describing a New Yorker's Saturday, flowers and Kiehl's brown bag in hand - this conjures up the perfect image of the kind of weekend I love.
And oh how I do love weekends. There is nothing quite like a Saturday and Sunday spent out and about and at home, eating eggs Benedict and blueberry pancakes for brunch at Brew 'down the Junction', visiting Portobello Market, pottering around finding various bits and bobs for the flat, buying flowers, the Sunday Times, a new nail varnish or two (this week Lilacism by Essie) and procuring a little chicken all ready for roasting.

I normally avoid central London at the weekends - taking the tube to and from Oxford Circus in an over stuffed carriage full of angry people every weekday can put a girl off - but I was in desperate need of a hair cut - my fringe passed my eyes weeks ago...

After fitting in a haircut at Daniel Hersheson on Saturday I happened across Anthropologie on Regent Street. I've been meaning to explore America's latest export for ages but never seem to be on the right side of said street. I didn't go a bundle on the clothes, but was so excited by the beautiful home section. The bowls little and large, mugs, cups, saucers and pots are exactly what I've been dreaming of. It has become my life's mission to recreate Nigella's kitchen - all those fairy lights bowls that look like they were happened upon in a far away Moroccan market, perfect for that easily whipped up dip or deceptively complex salad.

They also have a great selection of books, coffee table appropriate, and lovely recipe books. I think I might return mid-week to recapture that weekend feeling and buy a book or two.

The bowls and cups will have to wait until we have a kitchen with more than one functioning cupboard and a landlady who moves at a slightly less glacial pace...
In the meantime I plan to practice my domestic godess-icity with a lovely Sunday roast, Hugh's (FW naturallment) rhubarb with orange and honey and The Time Traveller's Wife.

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! Ah, you are surely a woman after my own heart - at the end of a hectic week there is nothing better for the soul that a weekend of blissful domesticity (especially when it involves Nigella and Portobello).

    P.S. Your comment in your 'about me' section re: your boyfriend's 2 hangers in the wardrobe made me laugh out loud! My own is forever pointing out that he's only allowed 4 ;)

    Miss B xx


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