Sunday, 25 April 2010

Kate Bosworth At Coachella

Having spied some brilliant Coachella pictures over on the Alice Through The Looking Glass Blog (see Alice's post here), I have in a matter of nano-seconds become obsessed with Kate Bosworth's easy summer style. That lace top, those denim shorts, those boots!! Between you and I, I strongly suspect I am already the owner of those little ankle boots - I fancy they are a Maje pair, which have been my trusty companions for Autumn and Winter. I'm overjoyed to see they work beautifully with summer clothes too and
I'm looking forward to trying them out with shorts when the weather permits me to do so. (Some Londonders seem to believe this time has already come - I'm not so sure?! Perhaps I'm just not brave enough!)

The pictures have also set the wheels in motion for some pay day musings - I love Kate's Mulberry Denim Mini Messenger - the perfect little summer bag with it's scalloped edges and delicate proportions.

(images from Popsugar)


  1. Mulberry always get it right :)

  2. man...mulberry mulberry
    first i want the mulberry alexa
    now this one is freaking cute



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