Saturday, 24 April 2010

tinker TAYLOR soldier spy..

It is nigh on official - Rebecca Taylor holds the key to every pretty wardrobe conundrum I find myself faced with. Beautifully delicate wispy of floral dress? Check. Denim jackets that don't stary into scary biker territory for those who really couldn't pull of such a look (me.)? Check. By adding feminine but cool touches to every piece she has - the peppering of polka dots on the denim jacket and the wonderfully fitted arms are what did it for me - Rebecca Taylor creates clothes that scream Spring and I wish I could buy them all.

I first noticed that this might be a label I'd want to explore when slavishly reading Olivia Palermo's daily diary on at the moment. After shedding a tear or two over the incredible way she puts her outfits together, be they made up of Zara, Topshop, sequinned Converses (where can I find these?!) or Hermes and YSL, everything looks so perfect.
Now my name sake owns quite a lot of Rebecca Taylor, and I don't blame her.

I'd love to have the above outfit tucked away in tissue paper ready to wear to the wedding next Saturday! Alas a little self control must be practiced and unless my numbers come up I shall be wearing a similar (let me dream) floral yellow layered dress from Oasis.
It is the accessories that are giving me sleepless nights - I am currently jacketless which is a must for the service itself! It's looking like it'll be a little cropped black number from Topshop. It goes well, but here's the thing... does wearing black to a wedding end up whispering 'I disapprove of this union' on my behalf?! I do hope not. It is a worry.

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