Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I Rather Love Her Look

Olivia Palermo - what a gal. She has a way with clothes like no other. Between you and I, I'm convinced a good deal of her styling success is down to her confessed ownership of a clothes steamer. She looks so wonderfully primped and pressed at all times! (Not to self - buy steamer when I move flat and can locate a cubby hole to store it in). 

The reason I love this look is the flats Miss Palermo is sporting. Yes their Lanvin (naturalment) and not any old run down Reeboks circa '95, but they are flats none the less. And whenever Olivia rocks flats, I sit up and take note.
Sadly the Toe Cap Leather Sneakers Olivia is pounding the mean streets of the City in have sold out on Net-A-Porter, but these Kurt Geiger Luckys are a steal in comparison, and in the sale now!

Images: Zimbo and Kurt Geiger

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  1. yes but remember she comes across as an absolute nightmare on the city. Enemies are frequently well dressed!


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