Saturday, 21 May 2011

About a zillion years ago... (yes I have been absent for too long) Miss Sophie so kindly tagged me to put forward my classic 10, following her own brilliant post which you can see here.  I have at last got my act together and have tried to put forwards the 10 elements that I rely upon in my wardrobe, and paint the clearest picture of my closet.

Perfumes on my dressing table - the essential finishing touch to every outfit! Diptyque, Jo Malone and Byredo
I have an addiction to the perfect grey tees - and search high and low for them. These are a mix of American Apparel and Reiss
Stripey tees - must haves. I have a zillion more, but these three are my favourites: APC and Petit Bateau
I am powerless when faced with anything with an elbow patch attached. Just so easy, so nonchalant, so cool. These are COS and Zara
I'm very loyal to Topshop jeans. If they're good enough for Emmanuelle Alt, they're perfect for me. These are my new obsession - the 7/8ths style, cut perfectly at the ankle. So chic. I have black, blue and pink
I love these kimono style silk jackets for a dash of colour and a lovely vintage feel. Thrown over anything they just work perfectly
These need no introduction nor explanations: my beloved Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Beaten up but enduringly perfect. I can't imagine ever stopping buying Converses,  enjoying them particularly with my 7/8ths jeans at the mo!

Essie nail varnishes, all variations on the same shade of colour, pinks to classic reds. I mostly stick to a red shade, but if I feel in need of a jazzing up change, I veer towards a shocking pink. I'm rarely ever without painted nails

Pinkish to red lipsticks (noticing a pattern here?!): Chanel & Nars. Lipsticks are rather a new thing for me, but I'm learning to utilise them as an accessory more and more often these days

It has been an interesting challenge, because I found as I tried to put my 10 together I had to keep thinking about possible elements - they didn't all spring forwards with ease. This is, I suppose, both a positive and a negative thing. Positive, in that I didn't come up with millions of pieces and categories to have to whittle down to 10, so my wardrobe and my approach to dressing is not overcrowded. Negative, in that there were bits that I always mark out as key components of the kind of wardrobes I have long admired, and I found out, with a bit of surprise, that not at all of these were present or well represented in my wardrobe. I think namely these come in the form of those prefect few dresses, non-jean trousers (something crisp, yet effortless), more delicate gold jewellery and friendship style bracelets piled up on your arm, and the perfect white tee. (Between you and I, I think I might have stumbled across it today - will feed back about that anon!) I also need to up the ante on my ballet flats. I have LOADS, but I'm keen to invest in some high quality fellows - French Sole, Repetto or... Chanel?! Ha.

Overall though I feel these photographs and glimpses into my wardrobe sum me up very well. I love simplicity (simple tops, classic and chic footwear) combined with dashes of the unexpected - a colourful lip, a patterned silk jacket, all set against a groomed back drop. Shiny, effortless hair, a flick of eyeliner, clear skin (whenever possible!) and a subtle, lovely perfume. That's the aim anyway! 


  1. Love the APC t-shirts, these are incredibly good staple pieces! x

  2. love all the pieces :) great collection.
    french sole are some wonderfully comfy flats, and they last in great cond. I swear I wore mine too many times, but they're still intact (minus some scratches, but I'm a furious walker ;p)
    fantastic stuff gf!
    xo Diana

  3. What a challenging exercise! Geez. I can only imagine what a difficult challenge this is. I love your collection of fragrances and your stripey tees. Great pieces you have!

  4. Ah! I wrote a response but Blogger deleted it :(

    I really love the cable knit sweater with the elbow patch--I've never seen one like that so it's really cool. I also really love the kimonos on the list! It's so unique and unusual!

  5. Adorable collection - would love to go "shopping" in your closet :)

    Could you be so nice to post which exact models you're buying from American Apparel and Reiss? I've been long in the search of a nice grey shirt and they seem too be perfect!

  6. @"thisfashionlark": APC breton tops are the perfect staple piece! I think I wear them more than anything else in my wardrobe. Such a pain that to get a new one I have to contact APC in Paris directly. I should jet off to Paris and bulk buy them instead! :)

    @Di: Thank you! Yes I'm thinking French Sole would be a good choice, but there are so many different cuts. A few of them don't fit well on me, so I need to sit there and try on lots to find my perfect shape/cut. But it's good to know that they hold their shape etc after pounding the pavements!

    @Lindsay K: It was such a challenge! I had to gear myself up to doing it for weeks! But very pleased with how it looks on the page. I'd recommend doing it definitely, it really focuses your wardrobe if you're in need of it!

    @0000: Blogger is being so annoying lately - thank you for re-writing! I love that jumper too, so cosy and yet the patches give it a stylised touch that I really like. Zara often throw elbow patches on their clothing, which I always fall for. Hope you're having fun in China - I enjoyed your latest post from there!

    @Sog19b: Yes I will definitely try to pin point the exact style from AA - I know there are SO many on there, and I can actually never buy online because I'm never 100% sure I'm buying the right one.
    My favourite has a slight scoop neck - it's called the Tri Blend Short Sleeve Women's Track T, 50/25/25: (
    I always size up by one size too, so they are that bit looser. The other AA style I have is called The Classic Girl - a round neck style - but I bought those ones a few years ago and can't find them online I'm afraid!
    And my Reiss one is the Alicia style which was from a few seasons ago. They still do that style but in a thinner fabric and not in grey. A great shape though! I'd definitely go for grey tees from AA though, they're as close to perfect as I've found so far.

  7. Great post, and I can see how you've really thought it through to show things that really represent you, and not just the essentials.

  8. Welcome beack, and thanks for sharing! I did a post like this one too, and I remember that it was quite a challange. Love your collection, and I agree, A.P.C breton tops are the best!

  9. Welcome back! I love your top 10! I'm gonna have to look into these topshop 7/8ths jeans...they sound pretty amazing. And, I am also a sucker for elbow patches.

  10. Everything looks perfect! So basic & essential. :)
    I wish there was that sweater with elbow patches when I was last in COS. :(

  11. everything is so beautiful.
    Love all the topshop jeans! i want a blue pair and a coloured pair badly.
    Kimono's are gorgeous, can never have an excuse to wear mine though, need to wear it more.

  12. Love this post - I would definitely pick a few of the same things as you. Love the pink jeans too!

  13. Loving this post..Does one have to be tagged or can I just go for it?! I too am super loyal to my Topshop skinny jeans both Baxter and Jamie. Really lovely insight into your wardrobe.x

  14. ahh!! welcome back to blogging :) your classic 10 are lovely - i also have a trove of filmy grey tees (mostly from j.crew) in my dresser. i love that you like leather elbow patches on clothes - so cute! and your collection of vintage kimono jackets is stunning - are they all vintage shop finds?

  15. Love all of them!!!

  16. @ Jennifer: Thank you! You should definitely try the 7/8th jeans, they're so good! And they've done LOADS of different colours recently too.

    @Ginta: There is a really nice elbow patch sweater in COS at the moment - lightweight grey with nude/pink elbow patches. Divine!

    @ Milly: Consider yourself tagged! I expect to see a post forthwith. :)

    @ miss sophie: I wish they were all vintage store finds! It would make me sound much chic-er. :) Sadly there are all from Topshop! How disappointing!!

  17. Sigh...

    These make such perfect choices. I, too, have an obsession with Breton stripes and effortless grey t-shirts.

    My collection is mostly American Apparel, though I recently bought an oversized Chinti and Parker tee which is utterly beautiful.

    Do you have a favourite Essie colour? I love Lollipop for the summer...

    Sarah x

  18. such a good post! love seeing all these miniature collections.

  19. I want to see more of the pink jeans from Topshop!


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