Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I make no secret of my love for jumpers (and I haven't even seen The Killing. Imagine if I had?!). 
Truth be told it might just be getting out of hand, but this matters not. They are brilliant. Below are but a few from my vast collection currently doing the rounds. 

APC, Theory, Topshop
My current Topshop favourites - everyone should have a shocking pink mohair affair, a fisherman's knit and a polar bear jumper - shouldn't they?
I'll let this young fellow have the last word. It is bringing me no end of seasonal cheer at the moment!

Wine coloured reindeer wonderfulness. Stopping at polar bears would have been far too chic and restrained.


  1. Great collection! So cozy!

  2. love them jumpers! and how you call them "jumpers"
    And the last one definitely brings on the christmas cheer~
    xoxo Diana

  3. oh, I've got that same topshop jumper with the polar bears, and a (similar, I think) APC jumper with the buttons on the shoulder. Great buys!

  4. I NEED to know where your reindeer jumper is from, desperately on the look out for a novelty Christmas jumper xx

  5. haha! love your holiday jumper! i have been wearing my steven alan cardigan a ton lately. i definitely don't like the american english 'sweater'. sounds so...icky!

  6. @ T: Thank you!

    @ Diana: The last jumper is the ULTIMATE in festive cheer!

    @ Soniadeli: It's such a warm jumper isn't it? I must admit I bought mine after Caroline Sieber made it look so darn good. I'm not sure I pull it off in quite the same way, but I can try!

    @ Milly: It is another Topshop special!! From last year. It's a good un isn't it? Have you raided Topshop for a novelty one recently??

    @ miss sophie: You're right, I struggle with 'sweater'. If your jumper is so hot it has become a 'sweater' it's time to take it off!! :) Need to have a look at your steven alan cardigan - popping over to your blog now!

  7. Oh, I've seen the Killing, both the Danish and the American versions, and they definitely left me craving for more knits, haha! Love your collection!

  8. I love knits during winter. So cozy!

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog Olivia! It means a lot because I love your blog/style!
    I am wearing Chanel pirate in the picture. The picture of the chanel bottle is Rouge Carat which I got before Pirate. I haven't had a chance to wear Rouge Carat, but just looking at the bottle I know I won't like it as much as Pirate.


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