Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Ever since I saw Laura of WITblog in her forest green dotty Topshop trousers in Paris, I was pretty despeardo to get my hands on a pair too. Sadly I failed, as did many others, and it was only last week that our prayers were answered with a new version in classic navy. 

Being rather vertically challenged, I was worried they would be too long, not that perfectly chic cropped length I was after. But they're just right, falling at the ankle and sitting high on the waist - which is exactly what I was after. 

Being so pleased with my snazzy new purchase, I responded to Laura's tweet asking for pictures from readers of her blog in their Topshop dots and was so pleased to be featured on her blog alongside other WIT fans looking lovely in their new trousers. 

I think I shall be wearing this outfit for a friend's birthday supper and drinks in a couple of weeks. It's a nice mix of casual and a little something special:

Topshop navy dotty trousers, American Apparel grey t-shirt, Anya Hindmarch clutch and Reiss heels.


  1. J'adore the new trews!Am also vertically challenged (5'5")wonder if they might work on me...? Also envious of the Anya Hindmarch below. xx

  2. Awesome pants! They look great on you!

  3. can i ask how tall you are? i'm 5.7 and considering getting these but worried they will come up too short! look fantastic on you!

  4. @ Milly: my dear, if you think you're vertically challenged then I must be a veritable min pin! You'd tower over me. I'd recommend these trousers for you though fo sho - they'd be the perfect ankle grazers on you (which is what they're meant to be!) X

    @t: Thankyou! They're a bit of a departure for me but I love them, nice to have such a fun item in my wardrobe.

    @Fashion Ice: agreed - they're pretty darn cute! Have a look at WITblog - more pictures of people wearing them on there!

    @Paula: I think I'm just over 5'2-3" ish... Rather on the short side! But you'll notice on me they hit below the ankle, so on taller people would be a better ankle grazing length. I'd give them a go, they're a really nice cut for Topshop!

  5. Those pants are truly fantastic! I love them! I'm also loving that printed pants are trending since I love the ease of pants with the snazziness of a print! So easy and effortless :)

  6. I found your blog looking for mod pics of the Isabel Marant Dicker boots! so beautiful on you, I am very tempted!

    Also this outfit is lovely, those trousers are gorgeous on you! it's good to know you're on the shorter size because I am usually struggling to find pants that fit!

  7. oh wow! You look great. I love polka dots, but usually limit them to my Gerbe spotty tights (love them). I love how they make a great statement. The drape is great too.

  8. this outfit is just perfect! i need some pants that fit like this

  9. Love this look, like your blog girl!


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