Sunday, 5 February 2012


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Left top to bottom: Links of London, Dana Levy, Lucy Folk, Dana Levy, Links of London; Middle: Sandro, Topshop, Repetto; Right: Phoebe Coleman, Aamaya by Priyanka

I must admit I do not have much of a way with accessories. Simplicity always seems so much more appealing and much more "me". Of course I make an exception for delicate gold jewellery and in the last few days I've been taking tentative steps into ring territory too - with a thinner than thin gold ring from June Designs on Etsy and an equally skinny diamante rings from Accessorize. 

But lately I seem unable to resist the charms of friendship bracelets. It started last summer when I discovered Lucy Folk, and is reignited on a nigh-on daily basis. I love how they look with delicate gold jewellery, piled two or three high, providing an unexpected pop of neon bright colour. 

Jak & Jil
I like friendship bracelets set against a backdrop of simplicity - a grey marl t-shirt or cashmere jumper, jeans and ballet pumps or suede boots. This way I feel like I stay the right side of chic instead of straying into (whisper it) emo-gap-year-student territory. 


  1. Such cute little bracelets!

  2. THis collage is just too cute! I love friendship bracelets too but I never find cute ones in stores and for some reason I don't like the idea of buying them online.

  3. I just found your blog and I'm super into your style/way of looking at things! I used to be into stacking bangles and rings and all this metal on my fingers until one day I just stopped and I haven't looked back. I have a couple silver rings I switch between now and they are all thin bands. I have yet to bite the bullet on getting some suuuper thin ones off of etsy but thats mostly because i'm happy with what I have now and kind of broke, lol.

    I'm really into friendship bracelets right now too! my friend made me one for xmas but I stupidly lost it. I'm wearing just a braided bracelet I made out of red silk cord though, and I love it- I just need to force some friends to make me some more haha

  4. I'm somewhat clueless when it comes to accessories, and have only recently purchased my first decent watch. I am curious about scarves, also, and would love to experiment. Not really sure if they are my thing....but friendship bracelets are always a safe bet, I lov the sheer variety of them.
    I love the simple jeans and tee here. The perfect canvas to work from!

  5. I really like these bracelets. These are perfect to give as little gifts to the important people in your lives. I bought my sister a similar one on red for v-day! You can never be too old for friendship bracelets!

  6. Those bracelets are lovely! The one thing I hate about friendship bracelets, though, is that the hanging strings sometimes gets in food, which is troublesome since it can discolor the bracelet :( Other than that, I think they're a perfect low key accessory!

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