Saturday, 14 April 2012


No, this collage doesn't quite live up to its billing, but I fancied doing a little update and trying out my new collage-creating-wonder-app. I'm really rather pleased with my first foray into the medium - I thought people must spend hours lining up and cropping their photographs and don't mind admitting I was pretty jealous of their determination and skill set. Turns out... 69p will do it and it's a piece of cake. (Would you look at those borders!)

A mini-glimpse of things that have been keeping me busy (other than revision text books): my new Mango (read: in my head Marant-esque (indulge me)) purchases - a baseball tee and cream knit, both of which I love. My latest obsession: DIY friendship bracelets alongside my Topshop gold spike bracelet, and finally, me looking rather pleased with myself atop a tree stump in Richmond Park wearing my trusty Gap parka and black Hunter wellington boots. 

Be warned - there might be one or two more of these collage fellows. They just look so chic!



  1. How does one manage this wonderful collage effect my dear?xx

  2. I did mine through the Diptic app! It was very cheap and incredibly easy and swish. I also secretly like how it sounds like Diptyque...
    I urge you to give it a go! X

  3. Nice bracelets!

  4. I've used picassa for collages and absolutely hate it!
    I actually got that parka a while ago and it's still new since it's way too hot to wear it. But I'll wear it next winter.

  5. I am one of those who spend silly amounts of time lining up and cropping images! I like the sound of this app - and I love the parka:)

  6. @ t: Thank you! I've become slightly obsessed with making them! x

    @ Emmy: This is the first collage app I've used and it was so easy! Would definitely recommend it. Very jealous that it's way too hot for you to wear your parka, it still feels like Autumn here!! x

    @ LapindeLune: I'm very jealous of your ability to spend time making your images look just right - I've never got the hang of it!! x

  7. the mango knit is very isabel marant even before I read the caption! haha. Ive been trying to convince my friends to make me friendship bracelets because I love how they look on the wrist with some hardwear. Might have to finally make them myself :( Is the chevron pattern your favorite to make?


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