Thursday, 8 August 2013


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We're having a few people over for supper tomorrow night, so naturally I have turned to Pinterest for inspiration! 

 We don't have the room yet for a sit down meal for more than 4, that's the dream for the next flat! So instead we're going for something a bit more casual - making our own pizzas and offering up summery cocktails. 
Casual does not rule out chic though, and whilst frugality is the buzz word and space is limited, I'll be doing my best with little touches here and there to make what space we do have feel a bit more special. Cutlery will stand in tall tumblers for people to use as and when they want, perching wherever they like to enjoy their food. We are minus a garden to bedeck in fairy lights, but the inside of the flat will have to hand itself over to them instead, and I'll be dotting a few tea lights in pretty holders around the living room. Peonies, white roses and mini gladioli in printed vases will add a dash of colour here and there. 

I'll be making two cocktails - Martha Stewart's Thyme Lemonade with gin and a non-alcoholic white nectarine maple soda. The boyfriend is largely in charge of making the pizza dough (fingers crossed...) to which we'll mostly add the usual classic toppings pepperoni, mozzarella, artichoke, peppers, parma ham, rocket and figs. We'll be finishing up with Nigella's take on tiramisu (made with Bailey's). As the lady herself points out, it's a comfortably cliched dessert offering, but one that usually goes down well because it is SO darn tasty.

I've  also added a few bits and pieces from Zara Home to my entertaining toolkit - pretty paper napkins, retro glass dessert bowls, gold serving platters and aztec print tumblers for cocktails. 

You can find all the links to the cocktails and credits for the photos used over on my Pinterest page: gonewiththefash. And if you're after entertaining ideas I'd heartily recommend working your way through Natalie of Canned Fashion and Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere's Pinterest boards - oodles of inspiration. 

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