Monday, 12 August 2013


Owing to my feeling a little on the 'blah' side yesterday, we spent the day out in the fresh air, walking around Richmond Park in the morning and then up to Richmond Hill Bakery for a piece of date and hazelnut cake in the afternoon. 
The weather is a tad unpredictable at the moment.  I find myself veering between cursing myself for ever thinking it was acceptable to wear jeans in August, and putting my sunglasses away, groping around for the nearest available layer and grimly declaring Autumn's arrival. 

I wore a Topshop sleeveless blouse, Topshop Jamie jeans, Russell & Bromley ballet pumps and Miu Miu sunglasses. Funny story about the shades - I have, for now at least, moved past the big shade time of my life, but I brilliantly left my Tom Ford Cary sunglasses sitting alone on a train to Waterloo a few weeks ago and have thus had to return to said bigger shades. I still feel affectionately towards them, but am a tad conscious that they make everything look a little "done". Like I'm the kind of gal who keeps hairspray in my bag at all times and would hate to attempt any task that might risk my french manicure. Not a look I enjoy. 
A new pair of sunglasses are winging their way to me as they speak, so if they're a success I'll be sure to share them on here sharpish. 


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  1. Oh I just love this laidback look! Ah.. I hear what you're saying, I'm starting to feel the same way about my current pair although haven't had a proper look for an alternative.


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