Saturday, 28 September 2013


So. As you may have noticed in my last fall planning post, I am hankering after a certain hooded camel coat from Zara. It's the perfect colour in my opinion, and deliciously soft. 
BUT. After going to visit it in store yesterday, I had a few concerns. Well, just the one really. I fear it looks like a dressing down (a bath robe for my friends across the pond)...
I'm still considering whether I can get over this and whether it really looks dressing gowny or if I'm just being a bit silly. 
I'll keep you posted!



  1. It looks too much like a bath robe... I say this is a safe SKIP. :) Even if it is deliciously soft... you may not look as glamorous as you'd want to feel in it.

  2. Is the camel coat made from real camel hair? If not, it won't have the same durability as a classic camel coat anyway. I see the dressing gown too. It is the shape of the pockets in my opinion.

  3. it definitely does have a dressing gown look to it but I think the light in the changing room probably washes out the colour and makes it look worse! with the right outfit and some heels it would look fine but it depends whether you think you'll get enough wear out of it and the price is reasonable enough for something you might not wear much! I like it though :)

    1. I think you're right - the photos don't do the colour justice. I'd have to accept the comfy dressing-gown look of it, but if I was comfortable with that it'd be fine! I'll have to think some more about it. X

  4. What was the fabric like in person? I agree, while I love the colour, I think it looks a bit too much like a bath robe...


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