Saturday, 1 March 2014


 I've admired the 50/50 boots from afar for... well, years. They are just such a classic style that endures year on year. I visited these boots repeatedly before taking the plunge, but they've absolutely been worth it. 

I've often struggled to find boots that go with skirts and dresses as well as jeans, but these boots fit the bill for nigh on every outfit, are incredibly flattering and give such a polished edge. I went for the suede rather than leather because the suede is somehow less in your face. It's more subtle than leather when venturing into over the knee territory. Yes, suede requires a bit more TLC but that's fine with me. 

(Top tip if you're considering the 50/50s: I'm normally a size 3 but ended up getting the boots in a 2.5. I was terrified I'd made a dreadful mistake, but I was right to trust the Russell & Bromley salesperson's advice. These boots do stretch!)

Outfit posts to follow! 


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