Wednesday, 2 December 2015


A few snapshots from our recent weekend break to Bologna.

It was such a lovely, indulgent weekend. Bologna really is a food lover's paradise and certainly lives up to its nickname - 'La Grasse' (the fat one)! 

My top recommendation on the food front would be supper at Osteria Dell'Orsa. You sit like sardines on communal tables, quite literally rubbing shoulders with the locals whilst being served your pasta in plastic bowls. They restaurant is known for their bolognese ragu and it was IN-credible. The best I have ever had, and all for six euros a bowl. 
 1 Via Mentana, +39 51 231576,

We also had the best evening amaretto sours at Le Stanze, after enjoying their delicious aperitivo earlier in the evening. Le Stanze is a beautiful bar painted with frescos high up on the ceilings. After ordering your drinks, for one euro extra you can take your pick of the cheeses, cured meets and grilled vegetables lining the bar. Get comfortable - you'll be there for a while. 
1 Via Borgo di San Pietro, +39 51 228767

Another of my favourite things we did over the weekend was wake up on Sunday morning and head over to the Portico di San Luca to join all the power walkers and joggers walking the longest continuous portico in the world. All 666 arches leading to beautiful views of the city at the top. Let's face it - you need all 666 to prepare you for the barrels of prosecco and whole hams and cheeses you'l be consuming later! 


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