Sunday, 9 May 2010

Dreaming of Packing My Bags

Despite the moaning I went in for in my last post, previously unforeseen circumstances have led to a total 180 turn in my seasonal feelings. Work has given me time off at the end of May and I'm off to France avec the boyfriend's family who have a lovely house there. Within a few hours of hearing the news tickets and a swimming costume were bought!I went into Topshop after work on the hunt for an actual swim suit instead of the usual bikini. Since going to University and moving to London my exercise regime has suffered. Well, not only

suffered but positively shriveled and died from being left out in the cold for so long. Hence I am not about to show off my newly acquired tummy off to the French in a bikini. It is nothing a bit of exercise won't rid of, and I'm probably being a little OTT about it all, but for now I plan to be all about the swim suit. And so I picked up this beautiful little number in Topshop on Friday evening and I love it - it's so flattering and pretty thanks to some clever ruching and delicate florals. I fancy it'll look mighty decorative on a sun lounger with some 50s-esque shades on courtesy of Tom Ford.

So with this in mind I have picked out my other must have summer pieces. My approach to Summer dressing is so different to the way I operate in the Winter. I plan out each piece carefully, attempting to assemble what can only be described as a capsule wardrobe. I think this is because I find Summer dressing so much harder - I need limited, fail safe options, otherwise I know I'll make outrageous mistakes - mistakes that will haunt me as they stare out from multiple holiday photos. My inspiration this summer is without a doubt, the beautiful Kate Bosworth, and every aspect of her flawless wardrobe. Hence my need for some Tom Ford Cary's and the Mulberry Mini Messenger to punctuate my Summer style. Add this to oodles of white cotton broderie anglaise blouses and oversized jersey and I'm (hopefully) away!

Now I just need to locate said cotton tops, black patent gladiators, nude ballet flats and statement scarf. Phew - quite the challenge.

(Images: Reiss Chinos & Denim Jacket -, Topshop Floral Swimsuit and Jumpsuit -, Mulberry Denim Mini Messenger-, Tom Ford Cary's:, Byredo Blanche -

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