Sunday, 23 January 2011


After seeing these two pictures of Kate Bosworth, I am resigned to re-focus my efforts on more minimalist dressing. She does it so incredibly, inspiringly well:

I also have two other aims... A PS11 and Isabel Marant Dicker boots. Will Net-A-Porter get the boots back in stock?! If not I've tracked down a pair in Australia. 

As for the PS11? That will have to wait until funds allow! I have finally accepted that the Mulberry Alexa is not for me. I bought it after my Shimmy bit the dust and as Mulberry couldn't repair it they gave me vouchers to replace the bag. This was during the height of Alexa-gate and, I admit, caught up in the excitement and the thrill of securing one from only the second delivery, I bought one. It wasn't one of those considered, saved for and lusted after purchases that leads to a bag for life. And, with aforementioned funds being as they are, it seems silly not to sell it on to a deserving home via eBay. If all goes to my optimistic plan, the extra dollar made from the sale will go towards this little beaut. One day. 

Pictures from: Outfit Identifier and Cool Spotters

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  1. i LOVE that second picture of kate bosworth.. i dont think i've ever seen it before either. but that's the kind of dressing i love - big slouchy sweaters, long ish skirts, IM boots and a PS11.. - although for me I might have to exchange it for a PS1, I'm a big fan of the original, even if it is a little over exposed, it still has my heart!



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