Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Just starting to pack for a trip to Spain early on Friday morning. Off to work and then straight to Gatwick to stay over in a no doubt rather basic hotel close to the airport in preparation for the dawn flight! 
Being a Winter Sun break (can you tell I've been enjoying saying that little phrase to people?) I have yet to really add into my summer wardrobe from last year so I'll be taking along my trusty Zara denim shorts, a selection of basic tees from Topshop and Reiss, stripey tops from APC, Petit Bateau and H&M and jeans and khaki skinny trousers from Topshop too. Basics and repetitions aside, there are a few new bits and pieces that will be seeing the Spanish sun - my glittery Anya Hindmarch clutch for the evenings, a lovely Topshop silk kimono jacket and, best of all, two new swimming costumes from... Topshop again. 

From L-R: Liberty make-up bag, Mason Pearson hair brush, Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint cologne, Urban Outfitters hat, Topshop kimono, Zara Shorts x 2, Topshop jeans and khaki trousers, Anya Hindmarch Valorie clutch, Reiss grey tee, others (just seen) Topshop, APC striped long sleeve tops, Topshop swimsuits x 3, Converses, Office gladiators and... Passport!
Last summer the cut of the costumes didn't really work for me - despite being short waisted (a family blight no less) I found their swim suits were just too short in the body, hitching embarrassingly high at the front and deriere and arrestingly low at the front. But this time round they are perfect and I was overjoyed to pick up this floral number and polka dot offering on a recent trip of Sir Green's empire. They've got cut outs at the back which add that edge that one misses when not wearing a bikini. And how perfect is the pink lining?! 


  1. OMG! Let me know if you happen to re-sell your APC breton shirts. I am truly devastated that APC doesn't make those stripy tops with white stripes this season.. such a bummer!

  2. @fleurette I know, I love them too! I was such an idiot - NAP had the blue & white striped one in the sale this season and I hesitated for too long and they sold out! APC do the perfect breton tops - my favourite so far. Have you ever tried Saint James ones? x

  3. I know, I too hesitated because the shipping is 20 GBP + I live in Norway so the shirt costs 54 GBP. So I thought maybe it will be one sale on but I didn't, and now it's completely gone. Sometimes I want to wait till the sales because I hate when the stuff I payed full price for get discounted.
    I haven't tried Saint James ones but I will try them if I stumble upon them.


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