Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I really like French label IRO's jackets. They have that air of Parisian cool in spades, and felt perfect for me when I was lusting after all the Isabel Marant jackets from seasons past. 
So sorry for the poor quality pictures - my photographer is having his day off today! 
These jackets are cut so well, with lovely narrow arms.  For SS11 IRO have done a few leather jackets - I've yet to try them but if the cut of these is anything to go by they'd probably be rather special!

I kept the raw-edge navy blue one with slight metallic threading, but took back the grey/white one as the shoulders were slightly off where they should have been on me!

Will post more outfit pics of this jacket soon to show it to you properly!


  1. These are gorgeous! I love the strong shoulders and narrow arms. I was just looking at their leather jackets for this season, but I think yours are more wearable

  2. @ Jennifer: Thankyou - they are so good - wish I could have kept both! I will definitely post better photos of the navy jacket soon - the material and cut is so good. Have you been enjoying your new IM boots? xx

  3. I like the navy one! The cut looks good actually reminds me of Chanel :)

  4. Both are awesome but I like the navy one best, good choice!
    I've been looking for a Marantesque for quite some time now, Iro seems to have some great alternatives to the real Marant jackets for (slightly) less money. Too bad I'm absolutely broke otherwise I would've planned a trip to Amsterdam immediately!;)

  5. @ Heart in a cage: Yes they're still quite pricey, but a good alternative to often sold out IM ones! I empathise with being absolutely broke - my unexpected IM boots purchase threw my financial planning out of the window! :)

    @ Lin: anything Chanel-esque has to be good - thanks!

  6. The jackets look really great on you! I agree, good choice picking the navy. I'm not that familiar with IRO, though I have one IRO blouse that I like a lot. Will keep my eye on this label.

  7. I have just checked their website and fell for their collections.Luckily (as I found out from their website)they are available in Denmark.

    Btw, both jackets are awesome, I would have difficulties to pick only one.

  8. @onlycoolcats: Their collections are sooo nice I agree. Also I saw on your blog you're after a leather jacket and I think they do some amazing ones. Definitely worth a look! x

  9. I've never heard of IRO, but I'm definitely going to have a look now! These are gorgeous, and a great alternative to IM if you can't afford it.


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