Saturday, 26 February 2011


This colourful silk kimono jacket is one of my favourite items. 
It feels a little bit out there and somewhat different for me - but I've always loved vintage-look pieces as part of a simple outfit.
I find the best way to wear this is in a laid back, very simple way - with a grey t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black ballet pumps. I hope it works. 

The jacket flows beautifully, so in real life has much more movement than you perhaps get a feel for from these photos. Regardless, I wanted to share it, it's an outfit I love. 

I bought it on one of those days when you're struck by sudden inspiration - you recognise the item isn't part of your usual style, but you're irresistibly drawn to it. Of course it's important to keep yourself in check upon such occasions, otherwise you can end up buying all manner of bizarre things that felt so right and fun at the time, but end up abandoned at the back of your wardrobe, mocked by all your other clothes. But sometimes (and on this occasion I did) you have to allow yourself to be taken over by these moments and let your style instincts take over!
Luckily this kimono hasn't suffered the back-of-my-wardrobe fate - I wore it the night I bought it to meet friends I hadn't seen for months, and it felt perfect.

Do you have any every day items that somehow just feel special? 


  1. I really love this and how you wear it in a way that tones it down. It's very Dries van Noten!

  2. Love this jacket. I have a grey velvet kimono jacket which I similarly wear with skinny jeans and plain tees. It's one of those pieces that can really lift your mood and can make you feel a bit special!x

  3. I also like the way you wear it, it's lovely. And your hair - gorgeous!

  4. i love it!! that print is so of the moment and i've seen very similar prints in Rachel Comey's collections the past few seasons. what a great spring/summer piece to throw on for a night out too! :)

  5. I can understand an "out-of-character" buy - I have a couple of wildly patterned dresses that look nothing like every else in my closet and yet I've gotten a lot of wear out of them. You look great!


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