Friday, 18 February 2011


Yes, I think it is fair to say that this beautiful photograph by Garance Doré has helped nurture my growing obsession with the PS11.

Photograph by Garance Doré

I wonder why I always do this – notice a photo here, a photo there, of a beautiful bag, and then when I start those few tentative clicks to find out the designer, if it is too ‘It’, how much of a hole it will burn into my bank balance… it disappears off the face of the earth. Only to reappear every now and then, mocking me with it’s lack of availability.
The exact same thing happened with the Edie Bow Bag, I thought it the loveliest bag I’d ever clapped eyes on, with just that right amount of edge. I tracked it down to Colete, but was alas, too late. Then one morning, with no warning it appeared on Net-A-Porter. I had spend months trying to track it down, staring misty-eyed at photos of Rachel Bilson with hers, and there it was. I panicked about the price naturally, and that moment of indecision cost me – it sold out that morning. But we all know how the story ends (if you don’t click here) – the customer service team saved me and the bag was mine.
I compare many a purchase to that experience – I’d been thinking about it for so long, that when the opportunity arose, I was pretty damn certain I had to buy it. It was no impulse purchase that’s for sure.

Anywho – back to the PS11. The same thing is happening with this little fellow. I yearn for it in the saddle brown, as in the photo above, but it’s available in the black on NAP here. The quality of the leather looks perfect, it’s beautifully discreet (no names anywhere except the silver embossing under the flap), with that perfect mix that gets me every time - achingly cool and utterly classic.  
Photograph from NAP

I’m in no position to buy it now – handy as it is not available to buy anyway – but having just sold my Alexa, I am beginning to save the pennies in a pot marked PS11.

What do you think of the PS11? Are there any 'have forever' bags that you're lusting after?


  1. i'm completely enamoured with the sofia coppola x LV bags...and i've never wanted anything from LV. :P i especially love the PM size. sigh...

    the PS2 reminds me of a punked up Celine box bag. the boys at PS and Alexander Wang are probably the savviest RTW young designers out there right now with regard to their accessories lines, but i prefer Dunlin NY bags for the amazing craftsmanship. :)

  2. I love the look of the sofia coppola LV bags - but interestingly just read that Fleurette thought they were not so nice in real life - such a shame! They always looks so chic and understated in pictures.

    It is quite like a punked up Celine bag you're right! I think the design is such that it would become a quiet classic after the fever surrounding it has passed though, which is always good - thanks to its simplicity and quality.

    I saw your Dunlin NY post - so many lovely bags! I hadn't heard of the brand before x

  3. I really love the look of the brown leather of the PS11, when it was in black I didn't even give it a second thought, haha.

    Actually a boring but in my opinion timeless option is the Chanel re-issue 2.55. It might be completely overexposed but I like that it's a bag with history and it's a marvel considering that it was created in the 50s but it looks utterly right even now. A lot of bags now are basically variations of the 2.55.

    I wldn't mind an Hermes Constance either. Maybe as a gift to myself when I turn 30...

  4. @ Lin: A Hermes Constance would be perfect - definitely one of those 'When I turn 30' purchases!
    I've never been attracted to a Chanel 2.55 bag - I have great appreciation for how timeless they are and how classic they look on others, but somehow they just don't feel like they'd fit in with my style. I'm very abnormal in thinking this I know! x

  5. I am a huge fan of Proenza bags,unfortunately do not have any of them.
    The bag I really would like to have is PS1- the middle size.My birthday are soon, hmm that would be one of the nicest prensents ever:)

    I also love Balenciaga.I am lucky owner of 3 B-bags: Day,Motorcycle and Part-time ( and I don't have their most popular-City:)

  6. I looked at a few PS1s in Liberty yesterday - they are so beautiful up close! The leather is incredible. So many 'it' bags let you down when you see them in real life. I sold my Mulberry Alexa because Mulberry leather just doesn't seem to last like it used to, or wear as well as everyone promises! I have always like the idea of a Balenciaga bag too, does the leather wear well? x

  7. I adore this bag. Can't stop thinking about it but sadly out of my reach!


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