Saturday, 19 February 2011

What I've Been Thinking About This Week...
These collages from Polyvore are going to become a regular feature I feel. I spotted one over at Mommy Style - (S's one is much better than mine - titles and everything!) and resolved to try it out. They're a brilliant tool to be able to keep track of those pieces you lust after and want to keep close at hand for obsessive referencing. 

So often I might have a burning desire for this bag or that top, and then quickly forget about it, highlighting that it was never something I really wanted in the first place. 

All of the above are things I am keeping an eye on at the moment - except for the boots which I already own but I still think about nigh on non stop! 

I'm try to dress in a classic way - simple, classic style has always been what I have admired most in other people and what I feel best in when I manage to get it right. I think this type of dressing improves as the years go by unless your born with an innate, minimalist aesthetic as some lucky folks are.
 I always love a carefully placed edge to classic staples though - an unexpected bright lip, neon nail or beautiful piece of jewellery. My aim is to build up classic staples - then have fun with little pieces of something different, that add a dash of something fresh if the mood takes me.

Tom Binn's bright jewellery appeals to me a great deal because of this. The pieces are a nice way to incorporate all the neon colours I love seeing at the moment but sadly cannot embrace head to toe. I've loved seeing colour blocking and bright colour popping (what a dreadful sentence!) from Natalie at Canned Fashion, but I know it's something I could never pull off. 

p.s. These earrings by Low Luv by Erin Wasson are rather lovely, and definitely worth a look. 

p.p.s You know how I am feeling about the PS11 so I shall spare you another detailed explanation there...


  1. Thanks for the mention! I can't take credit for the Polyvore template I used however ... I just filled in this template here:
    I love Polyvore collages. It's such a fun way to experiment with ideas! I like the direction you're going .. classic pieces but with some fun, unexpected touches. I think the Etoile striped sweater is beautiful, but I personally didn't like the fabric (but I almost never like mohair). Looking forward to seeing your future collages and outfit posts!

  2. @S: You're welcome - I loved the collage I saw on your recent post and really wanted to try something like that. I'm not a naturally gifted computer person, so it's such an easy way to arrange all these things I'm thinking about!
    You may well be right about the Etoile jumper - it looks so good in the campaign pictures but in real life seems perhaps a little too thin? I'm not sure. I'm a little late though - it was definitely one of those very popular, sold out in a second, Isabel Marant pieces!. x

  3. I love the PS 11 too. What a gorgeous bag. I just bought that NARS hot pink lipstick and am slowly trying to work it into regular rotation. I love that it makes a statement but isn't too over the top or in your face.

  4. @ Jennifer: I tired the hot pink one on today - decided I needed a little bit more time to be brave enough to embrace it, but left with Red Lizard - such a beautiful shade too! Would be great to see how you work the hot pink into your outfits for some inspiration. x

  5. Yes, the Etoile sweater was very sheer, you'd have to layer something underneath it. But then did you see Garderoben wearing hers? Makes me wonder if I was too quick to judge the fabric!

  6. Thank you for your kind comment! I'm glad I discovered yours as well, our approach to fashion seems quite similair.
    I love a bright lip. I think the only shade that works for me is red though. I'm obsessed with my Chanel lipstick(nr. 25 Vendôme), I'd wear it everyday if lipstick wasn't such a fuss. I hate to re-apply and check if my lipstick isn't all over my face :p


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