Sunday, 13 March 2011

My 3.1 Phillip Lim Edie Bow bag

I'm afraid that I, unlike so many others who do posts of this sort, have not been urged by others to divulge the inner workings of my bag - I just thought I would. 
Above is my bag, that I have had now for about a year I think. I bought it after stalking it around the globe - decorating the shoulders of Rachel Bilson and Diane Kruger. 
The leather is absolutely beautiful, thick yet very supple. Having worn it nearly every day since buying it, it still looks as perfect as the day it emerged out of it's Net-a-Porter black box. 

I must admit I did edit out about a gazillion crumpled receipts, that were lingering in and around every corner, and pulled out just the normal things. 
So were you to raid my bag tomorrow you would find:

- My iPod - I have yet to use the iPod function on my iPhone - I tend to be a bit behind with these things! 
- My iPhone - with it's pink polka dot Cath Kidston cover on. What can I say, it's a stylish so and so and demands its own stylish threads.
- Travel card
- Champagne cork - I'm not sure if other people do this, but in my family on a special occasion we keep the champagne cork and push a coin into it. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be lucky, or simply serve as a momento, but I like it. This one is from my last birthday and has for some reason found a home in my handbag, which I also rather like.
- Diptyque solid perfume in Eau Duelle - such a handy size for a handbag! And a lovely vanilla fragrance.
- My current read - Risotto with Nettles: A Memoir with Food by Anna Del Conte. I love food based books and sought this one out after Nigella Lawson mentioned it on one of her early programmes. It's a lovely book peppered with recipes throughout. I'm about half way through now and find it such a calming, interesting read. 
- Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Cambon and Nars lipstick in Red Lizard - I rarely touch up my make-up during the day, except if I'm wearing lipstick. I'm rather new to lipsticks and these are the only two shades I own at the moment. I'm taking them everywhere currently!
- Mason Pearson hairbrush - a mini version of the bigger one I have at home. Without a doubt the best hairbrushes around. 
- Creme de la Mer lip balm - I rediscovered this recently. I originally bought in on a rare 'feeling flush' day whilst at university and found it lurking in an ankle boot in my wardrobe a few weeks ago. Most strange, but a very happy rediscovery - it's a brilliant balm and a great base for lipsticks. 
- Chewing gum - just because!
- Miu Miu wallet - I bought this in the Spring/Summer sales. I knew it wasn't going to last very long and it has already begun to show signs of wear at the corners (and I can't really fit coins in it) but it was love at first sight and until it falls apart entirely I'm sure we will be very happy together. 
- My keys - this mini Bayswater key ring came free when I bought my Alexa and funnily enough it's stuck around longer than the bag! (I sold my Alexa recently).
- Tom Ford Cary sunglasses - Spring seems to have been periodically popping its head around of late, so after months of dark and dreary weather, my shades have taken their rightful place back in my bag. They're a lovely shape - a sort of more cat-eyed version of the ubiquitous Wayfarer. I sought them out after spying them on Kate Bosworth (yes I do gravitate to everything Bosworth-related!)

What's in your bag?


  1. I'm totally in love with your wallet and purse!!! The Anna Del Conte book sounds very intriguing. I'm down with anything that's based on food.

  2. what no umbrella?! :) i learnt the hard way when i moved to london - never leave home without it.
    i really like the champagne cork idea, such a nice way to bring back memories of a happy event.

  3. Lovely bag, and the to look them up. I'd love to see you wearing them! I think that I have to look up the book as well. So, the Mason Pearson hairbrush, it's worth the money?

  4. i love this post! i'm always interested in what people carry around in their bags. no need for you to wait to be tagged for this - i'm tempted to do a what's in my bag post every other month! haha. :) very cute bayswater keychain - and your wallet is amazing!

  5. The bag holds more than I would expect...and good to know it's durable, makes me more keen on 3.1 Philip Lim bags now!

  6. Love your keychain :) and I second Lin, your notes make me want a Philip Lim bag now.
    I am curious, why did you decide to sell the Alexa?

  7. beautidul key chain and wallet. funny,this is first time I am finding out about champagne cork, I have always known that seashell can bring You good luck.

  8. @ Jennifer: Yes it's a really interesting and enjoyable read. Would definitely recommend. I'm also reading 'As Always... Julia' at the moment, which is the letters between Julia Child and Avis Deveto. Did you see the film Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep? It made me want to read this book, and it's lovely too. Would also recommend it if you like food-related reads!

    @ NavyandBeige: Ah you know England too well! Yes I do always have an umbrella with me, just not in my handbag - in that extra bag everyone seems to haul to work with a change of shoes in too!

    @ Garderoben: They are LOVELY sunglasses - I love them. Will try and post some more photos when the sun is back out! And with the hairbrushes - I think they're worth the money. The last for years and years and I've always liked knowing they're made by such an old and established company. Much kinder on the hair than other brushes I think.

    @ Miss Sophie: Thank you! I thought it would be quite a few years before I was every tagged for such a thing, so why not do one now! I always love seeing them on other people's blogs - so nosy. :)

    @ Lin: Yes it's rather spacious - the book makes everything a bit of a squeeze though - maybe getting a Kindle one day would be the best idea!

    @ Ammu: The quality of the bag is really, really good. It's far surpassed the quality of Mulberry leather which I've been so disappointed in of late. I sold the Alexa mostly because I wasn't using it - and felt awful about the fact it was sitting un-used. Also so many people have one now, and I have to admit that put me off a little bit too. I felt a bit like I looked like I was trying to fit in with an 'it' bag when I used it. Do you know what I mean?

    @ Onlycoolcats: I didn't know that about sea shells! I suppose with anything, if you feel they're lucky, then they are!

  9. I totally know what you mean, and had the same reaction to the mulberry bags I saw up close last summer - where has the quality gone?

  10. Awesome post! Love your wallet!! And that's the exact same shade of Chanel lipstick I'm wearing in this post:

    And about the Houlihans...I got my regular size. HTH. :)

  11. just wanted to let you know that I picked up the sweater from the post office today. it fits perfectly, i think it might have shurnk a bit but it's just perfetct.. to bad i just spilled a lot of red wine on in at a party, haha.

    anyway, thank you very very much!!

  12. LOVE your bag! I've been eyeing that baby, but they seem to have made them slightly different this year -_- And that wallet is adorable! The prints from the Miu Miu show that year were all soo cute~

  13. Love this blogpost, Love your style btw. Love Frnch dressing :)
    Super! follow your blog by bloglovin for now on.


  14. @Fleurette: Oh no that's terrible!! Well at least it had one good outing! I hope you manage to get the stain out and it can be worn again. Would be such a shame otherwise. I had thought it must have shrunk a little bit too, but glad the fit still works for you. xx

    @Diana: Thank you! It is SUCH a lovely bag, if I do say so myself! :) Yes the design is a bit different on the new ones, I'm not a fan of the change at all. Although there was a purple velvet one I saw that I thought was rather cute if completely impractical! x

    @ROBINE: Thank you, that's so lovely. And a huge compliment if you think some of how I dress can be a nod to French dressing - I love their style too. I'll be popping over to your blog now to have a look also! x

  15. @Ammu: I agree - no idea why the quality of Mulberry bags has suffered so. That was really what the brand originally had going for it for so many years - fantastic quality leather that wore beautiful as the years went by. Sadly it's not the case anymore as their popularity and demand has increased. A shame because I still really like a few of their designs - the Lily for example is a lovely, simple and classic shape and perfect for summer. x

    @t: Thank-you! It is a rather special one - I just hope it can last being bashed around in my bag for a little while longer - the material is sadly rather fragile!
    I love that lipstick - it's a brilliant shade of pink. Am heading over to see how you wear it right this instant! Oh and p.s. I'm very tempted to get some Houlihans - wonder about the vintage rose (beige) colour for spring?! x

  16. Love your bag!



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