Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Theory jumper, Topshop leather trousers, KG ballet pumps, Annina Vogel charm necklace
Just a hasty mini-post to document the jump of the Theory jumper I blogged about recently from the page to my person. 
I gave in and made it mine a week or two ago and have been enjoying wearing it immensely. 

A thousand apologies for the sea sickness-inducing, poor quality photograph, I'm afraid my photographer is feeling a little under the weather and I can't help thinking he didn't put his all into this shot! :) (Not to mention it being taken at the end of a long day for me too.)

I hope it gives a rough idea of how the jumper looks on though - I'll endeavour to post more photos in the future to show the cut at the back and so on. It really is a lovely jumper, both the style and the fabric. 


  1. It looks great on you! I really love the curved hem.

  2. This looks great on you! Such a great basic. It would be cute to see something peeking out from under the curved hem, like perhaps a striped tee.

  3. Olivia,I am about to order this type of pants from ebay, but there are 2kinds of Topshop leather trousers available: high waisted and low waisted with zip back pockets.
    Which ones are You wearing? or maybe You have another kind?

  4. Nice look! That sweater looks like you could live in it. :)

    and ps. get the Houlihans!!

  5. Your sweater is just gorgeous! I absolutely love the trousers.

  6. @Jennifer: Thank-you - I agree, I think the curved hem just makes it really special.

    @S: Thanks! Am so glad you think so despite the wonky photo - it's a bit of a shambles! :) And that is a really good idea, a little bit of a striped tee just appearing would be really nice. Will definitely try that.

    @onlycoolcats: Topshop seem to have done loads of leather trousers recently. I came a little late to the party and had to really look around hard for some that worked on me. Mine are actually faux-leather and are more legging like, despite being described as trousers on the website. They have zips at the ankles and at the side of the waist and seams running down the front and across the knees. They are sadly rather poor quality (the seams have come apart a little at the knee) so if you do find a leather pair that you're happy with I think it's definitely worth spending more, they'll last longer! Looking forward to seeing your new ones on your blog! x

    @t: Yes I think I probably could - it is ridiculously comfortable and roomy enough for two without looking baggy :)
    I really should - but what shade?! It's going to be either Olympia or the Rose Nude colour I think. The 'It' status of them puts me off a tad, but I'm hoping that is fading away!

    @asha: Thank-you! The trousers are brilliant - just wish they were better quality. I think they'll fall apart soon, I wear them that often.

  7. You look great! And I love your haircut.

  8. I'm a big fan of curved hems as well! It's lovely, I like the dropped shoulders as well.

  9. I love the hem of your jumper, and it looks so snuggly and comfortable!

  10. i have a few cotton long sleeve tees with that concave hem and they are my favorites to layer under jackets! it looks great on you!

  11. Such a chic look! I'd wear it tomorrow if I could!


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