Monday, 7 March 2011


Here is a little fellow I felt VERY pleased indeed to come across on eBay. 

I quietly stalked it, smiled that smug one-sided smile one does at your cleveness in finding it in the face of the apparent lack of interest in it, and got quite the adrenaline rush placing a daringly last minute bid to make it mine a week ago, much to my boyfriend's amusement.

But, for all this, when it arrived I was forced to admit it wasn't quite right. My black wool APC jumper with anchor buttons is a size XS and fits exactly how I'd want it to. But this striped, merino wool and cashmere number is a small and yet, sadly, turned out to be exactly that - a little too small. 
I had to force myself to accept that this triumphant purchase just wasn't meant to be. Truth be told I felt a small sort of glow somewhere inside at my new found maturity - accepting that when things just aren't right you should let them go. (Yes, yes this deeply spiritual exploration - all born from a jumper purchse - who'd have thought it?)

I shall be returning the jumper from whence it came - eBay, but if you are at all interested in giving it a good home before I do, just let me know! 


  1. So sad! I have the same sweater and also found it to be a tad small. I've found that A.P.C. sizing, even when it comes to pullovers, is extremely inconsistent.

  2. @ Jennifer: It is sad! It's such a nice sweater and I've been keeping an eye out for it for ages! Glad that you've found the same issues with A.P.C sizing. It's a bit annoying not knowing your size for a certain brand. Perhaps their size varies according to how they intend the piece to fit? x



  4. And S is the right size for me as I tried it on once! I regret that I didn't buy it.

    How much are you asking? And is it worn or brand new?

  5. @Fleurette: Your initial caps lock shouting is very funny :)
    Yes i understood from the seller that is had been worn - it was in perfect condition when I received it, although because I hadn't tried it before I couldn't tell you if it has perhaps become smaller following washing or anything like that. I paid £62 for it on eBay. I'd be more than happy to send it to you if you'd like to buy it - just let me know what amount you'd like to pay. Or you could bid through eBay if you'd rather when I re-list it? If the fit isn't what you know it should be for the size S you can always send it back to me and I'll refund you. Entirely up to you!
    It's SUCH a nice jumper I agree - I just know the I'd lament the slightly too small fit every time I put it on if I kept it! x

  6. Do you still have the link to the old auction? I just want to read about its condition. Do you think it smells funny or something? Because I'm very sensitive to other people's scent, especially when it comes to clothes (that's why I'm not fond of buying secondhand or worn clothes).. Does it have any discolorations?

    You can just send me an invoice on paypal? Or I could pay you directly. Then you don't need to pay e-bay fees. Shipping to norway is 5 GBP or less (I know since I've bought a lot from the UK haha).

  7. Yes this is the link to the old auction:
    I didn't think it smelt funny! Just clean and a bit washing powdery?! I'm very anxious about sending it to you now with your sensitive nose! :) But honestly if you're not happy with it I'll be more than happy for you to send it back - would hate to force you to keep it if it wasn't right for you. x

  8. oh and no discolourations either, forgot to say! x

  9. Haha, the seller didn't say anything about how worn it is.. oh well, but I want it anyway! It's very long though, I hope I don't end up looking like a midget... I could probably resell it in my shop if I'm not happy with it, but it looks fine to me.

    Ok, one more question.. this is weird, but could you try to smell if there are any smell on the sweater's armpits?

  10. Never mind. I'm taking the shirt! What's the total, and what is your paypal address so I can transfer the money? :)

  11. cute dialogue between you and Fleurette. hehe ;) I have a pair of jeans that sometimes I think about selling them because they're not as effortless as I hoped--which defeats the purpose of jeans. A downside of ordering sight unseen.
    I've gotten pretty good with having my ebay buys work out but once in awhile I get "stuck" with something that's not quite what I hoped.

  12. @ Fleurette: I have duly given checked them smell, and it seems ok!! I do worry if my nose for these things measures up to yours! :)
    Are you happy to pay 62 like I did? And don't worry about postage, I'm more than happy to pay for that as you're doing me a favour! My paypal is
    If you're not happy with it, and decide not to sell it on through your shop etc, I'll just say one last time that you can always send it back. xx

  13. I've sent you money :) Thank you sweetheart!

  14. Super - I will post it on monday morning - the post office is closed until then you see! Will let you know when it's been sent - update me when it arrives! Thanks xx


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