Thursday, 24 March 2011

North Face jacket, Saint James tees,  J brand Agnes trousers, Diptyque Baies candle and L'Ombre dans L'eau perfume, Hunter wellies

Cooped up in the office today whilst the sun shone outside, I was desperate to be out and about in the great outdoors, far away from London town.

The exact place I wanted to be, and had in my mind's eye, was at the Lake District cottage my boyfriend and I discovered in November.
It was (without any exaggeration) just the most absolutely lovely place to spend a week, and one of my favourite holidays (stay-cations if you will).
The cottage surpassed our expectations born from the photographs provided online and it was just utterly idyllic. Long walks followed by pub meals by an open fire, before scuttling back to the cottage and lighting another fire and settling down to a film from the huge dvd library at our disposal. Simple and pretty darn perfect.

So, if I could - this is what I'd be wearing today. A mix of city-dweller takes to the countryside essentials, and luxurious extras from Diptyque. And this is where I'd wear it:

Wren Cottage:
Where is your perfect office day-dream getaway?

(p.s. Very keen to try the Saint James breton tops - does anyone know if they are as perfect as they look?)


  1. That cottage is just gorgeous. My friend from work and I just booked a trip for 10 nights to Bali for our holidays- any place where you can swim up to the bar goes down well with me.

  2. A Saint James Meridien is on its way to me right now - cannot wait to see how it fits ... will advise!

  3. Your Lake District cottage stay-cation sounds so wonderful. If I was more into the city where I live, I'd love a stay-cation. But right now, I'd give anything for warm weather and a cabin in the woods or perhaps a quiet beach somewhere tropical. :)

    I can't seem to pull off the Saint James Breton tops, but they look great on other people. I like the thickness of the cotton.

  4. i have 2 saint james shirts and they are excellent quality and true staples in my closet. they're kind of boxy though, so just keep that in mind in terms of how they fit. the brushed cotton ones (i think it's the minquiers style) shrinks so you should size up to compensate for the initial shrinkage if you intend to machine wash/dry.

  5. I agree that St. James shirts do have a boxy fit and run a size large. They have different styles, they have ones that are of thicker cotton which are nice for colder months and the lighter cotton ones for spring.

    English cottage getaway sounds so serene.. I'd love that too!

  6. @Asha: Thank-you, it really is such a lovely place to go on holiday, so cosy and tucked away! Very jealous of your Bali plans - sounds amazing! Swimming to the bar can only be good. :)

    @Style Enginn: Ooo yes let me know how it fits and how you like it when it does arrive!

    @Jennifer: Yes I think it's only since being in London that I've loved a stay-cation, getting to the countryside is such a lovely change - can't wait to go again. But equally, sometimes you just need sun and high temperatures, and I love those holidays too. Had one of those in January - so relaxing.

    @miss sophie: Interesting, thanks for letting me know. How do they compare to the shape of Petit Bateau ones do you know? At the moment I'm rather loyal just to APC and Petit Bateau breton tops, but love how Saint James ones look on people, you being one of them! They always look so cool and effortless. Do you wear them in the summer or too heavy?

    @Eunice: Thanks for letting me know about the Saint James tops - I was planning on going for the smallest size, but a bit concerned that might be too big now? Im a UK size 8, what do you think would be best in Saint James. And which style are the summer ones?


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