Sunday, 17 July 2011

After my recent trip to France, I promised a post on the spoils of my pharmacy visits, and thought it would be nice to include the rest of my skincare products - of which, I must admit, there are rather a few... 
My somewhat chaotic bathroom cabinet shelf featuring French Pharmacy must-haves, Kiehl's, Aesop, Dermalogica, Clinique, Yu-Be, Bliss and Eve Lom
I spent nearly a whole day in France mapping out the pharmacies one town had to offer and then dragging my boyfriend from one to the next, to the next, to the next until I had what I had set out to make mine. I, like many others I know, had been utterly done by Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop post on the french pharmacy. The brilliance of certain french beauty products have been well known by beauty enthusiasts, and luckily for us common folk, they are all readily available in nearly every town and village pharmacy around France. I suppose the French have a better approach to skincare, and understand the importance of being able to stockpile a product that works. 

On my visit I secured the following: Bioderma Crealine TS H20 Micelle Soultion, Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate and Avibon Vitamin A cream (we struggled to locate this one at first ((yes that's right, by this point my boyfriend was on board and fully committed to the challenge)) and had to ask the pharmacist in broken french for this magical cream). 

Yu-Be cream, Embryolisse, Avibon
The Bioderma make-up remover was just as good as all the reviews promised, instantly dissolving the hardiest of eye make up in a few sweeps, and removing my remaining facial make up too. I must say I don't go particularly heavy on the make up, so can't attest to how well this would work on more heavy duty make up - but it is perfect for me. It doesn't sting in the least and is very effective whilst not irritating sensitive skin. 
I use Embryolisse in the morning after my toner and underneath my tinted moisturiser. It is not heavy despite being quite thick, and the idea is it is hydrating the skin, cleaning it, and providing the perfect base for make-up. I hear the professionals swear by it, and that's good enough for me! It can even double up as a make-up remover too. It's slotted into my routine really well, replacing my normal moisturiser with great results. I now need to ensure I have a high SPF in my tinted moisturiser, but this is easily achieved. 
Avibon is definitely one for the evening - it has a very thick, vaseline like texture, so unless you like the shiny look - steer clear for the day! It is packed full of vitamin A and has quite the anti-ageing reputation.  I think it will come to the fore during the winter for me - it feels intensely hydrating when a blob is mixed with a normal moisturiser and slathered on before bed. 

I'm really pleased with my french additions to my bathroom cabinet - I'm always keen to try products that have earned their cult following over the years and are still going strong. These are not flash in the pan products and have well and truly earned their effectiveness stripes. I won't lie, I also love how their names are whispered amongst women and that you have to travel to make them yours - no flashy ad campaigns needed. 

Whilst we're taking skin-care, I have to mention my new discovery: Aesop. Yes I am hideously late to the party and know beauty enthusiasts have been enthusing about this brand for yonks, but I have only recently been won over by the Australian botanical-based beauty products. For years and years I have been a Clinique 3-step girl, and I still stand by the effectiveness of the regime. But on a recent trip to Aesop I was given a bundle of samples based on my skin type and needs, and in less than two days I was hooked. My skin somehow appears more refined, and has a glow to it in the mornings that it didn't have before. (I know this sounds somewhat corny, but I promise it's true!)

Aesop products and Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel (a godsend for unsightly blemishes!)
I raided my piggy bank to add 3 products to my shelf, but in the fullness of time hope to add their Fabulous Face Oil to my regime. For the time being I am reaping the benefits of the Fabulous Face Cleanser, Purifying Facial Exfoliating Paste and Parsley Seed Anti Oxidant Serum. I cannot recommend my experience with Aesop products highly enough and would urge you to get hold of a few samples to try out for yourself.


  1. Great post, Bioderma Crealine is the only one of these I've tried and I love it for removing eye make-up.

  2. Great buys! Thank you for a peek in your bathroom cabinet! ;)
    I've been using Bioderma products for ages and only recently learned that they're sort of cult products. How strange is that? I'm fortunate to live in a country were we have an access to many French products, not Embryolisse, but still.

  3. welcome to the aesop club - you're hooked and you're never going to give up now. :) I love how popular Aesop is, in fashion circles it's probably our best export. I was walking through the Marais and couldn't believe it when I passed an Aesop store, it made me so proud (and home sick at the same time). I like the parsley seed range too, and the hair care stuff is also great. the Wild Lime hair polish is my current life saver.


  4. BIODERMA! I've heard good stuff about that stuff. and it's super affordable!
    Aesop sounds like fun to try~
    xoxo Diana

  5. The Aesop facial oil is lovely but I would heartily recommend the Nude cleansing facial oil, available at Space NK. It is a wonder product!xx

  6. mmm i love seeing these posts about potions and lotions people use! :)

  7. Great post! I've been thinking about adding some luxury to my day-to-day routines since I'm strictly a bar soap and cheap moisturizer type of girl (nothing really interesting). At the same time, I like that I have a very simple routine, and don't intend to head toward the 'packed medicine' cabinet route so I have a lot of picking and choosing to do to get that right balance!

  8. Love this post about all the great French products. I use the avibon crealine wipes but also miradent whitening pen for my teeth. I get them near my house in Chelsea. New London Pharmacy.. They also have a website

  9. Avibon is one of my Favorite! I use it every night. I have not been to Paris in over 6 month and it was almost finished. I am soo happy to find it on! My prayer has been answered


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