Sunday, 10 July 2011


I'm not great with the sales. Yes they fill me with that nice sense of anticipation, they quicken the beat of my heart when I fear I've missed out or might only just have got there in time. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty of a purchase, I can't block out those rather useful sale-wisdom quotes that everyone wheels out at this time of year. 

"Would I have bought this at full price?"
"Would I rather spend this money on this, or on something I've spotted for the new season?"
"Is this even actually my size?!"

Questions like these whizz relentlessly around my head and I always end up erring on the side of caution and returning the bag/shoes/dress/top to the rail. 
I already have my eye on a few bits for Autumn/Winter (from IRO, Maje, Etoile Isabel Marant and some ankle boots from Sam Edelman), so the necessity of saving the pennies for these has ensured, thus far, that I'm uninterested in discounted wares. 

That was until I booked a last minute summer holiday to Greece for September. We have been going to the same small village in Corfu nearly every summer since the year dot - and it's my most favourite summer holiday destination ever. It simply involves stacks of new books, swimming in the sea, sitting in the sun and then eating the tastiest Greek food in the local taverna, all washed down with cheap and cheerful Retsina, only to do it all again the next day.

With flights booked, suddenly summer was back on the agenda and the crisp leaves of autumn seemed rather a long way away. 
Step up the Stella McCartney sale. If ever I was to give away my precious pounds to sale buys, it would have to be for something classic. Bar the citrus fruit print bits (I know bright fruit prints are de rigueur at the moment, but I'm not sure how much more mileage those banana earrings have in them...), you can't go wrong with the longevity of a classic, quiet, Stella McCartney item in your wardrobe. 

These summer sandals are just the thing, and after a windfall on eBay, I bit the bullet and ordered them. They are simple, classic, relaxed yet have a really polished look to them. I love a classic red nail varnish peeping out from under the raffia too. 


  1. Ooh they are gorgeous and so classic! If you head to Athens at all try melissinos near hadrian's library - they made lovely and inexpensive Greek sandals. Jackie O was a fan.

  2. I love woven details on things, and congrats on doing well on not caving in to the siren call of sales!

  3. Stunning! They are amazing :) I too have been hit by sales drudgery. But these babies are totally worth it!

  4. Love the sandals, and the red nails peeking out! They look so fresh and vibrant!

  5. I m jalous of your shoes

  6. Shoes look great! What can be more perfect for summer than simple & beautiful sandals. No fuss, just pure simplicity.

  7. I had the same experiance the other day with Hunter wellies. I think I made the right decision... buying usually is...

  8. so lovely! i've heard about the infamous sales season in London and in the US i think people are way too used to constant markdowns every season! your special vacation spot sounds sublime! it must be so inspiring to go there every year :)

  9. @Ammu: Thanks for the tip - if Jackie O was a fan then definitely not to be missed! (Also would love to read your blog but can't seem to access it?)

    @Lin: Thankyou - it hasn't been easy, money off always makes you think you simply have to have something, it's ridiculous!

    @La Fille mal Gardee: Thank you so much, glad you like them! Also really liked your recent inspirations post - I too am on a constant look out for the perfect black heel.

    @1957: Thanks! I always love a red nail, and somehow sometimes it results in my skin looking a little less pale (or perhaps that is wishful thinking!) I've been really enjoying your posts from China, especially your 'little out of place' post. I spent some time in Hong Kong when I was younger, which I have no doubt is very different from where you are at the moment, but I could draw a lot of parallels with your feelings and reactions to things.

    @Avenue Mode: Why thank you - I do enjoy a bit of shoe induced jealousy!

    @Ginta: this is why I was so drawn to them, their simplicity. And often the things that endure the longest in my wardrobe are the simplest. So I should probably steer clear of crazy patterns and sequins in the future!

    @Bidders: You definitely made the right choice. Almost every weekend without fail I curse myself for not having bought any Hunters yet, so well done for getting on with it!

    @Emmy: Thank you! I am still nursing huge bag envy for your Celine number, and your lovely Missoni skirt on a recent post too. Must be brilliant for the summer!

    @Miss Sophie: The sales here are very good, and thus, dangerous! I find it is best to steer clear unless I have had my eye on something in particular for months on end.

  10. Omg the pacet look like HEAVEN!
    Loving ur sandals u can combinate them almost with everything!

  11. Those ARE gorgeous...good buy

  12. New shoes + Stella McCartney = pure, unadulterated joy!

    Olivia xx


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