Friday, 14 October 2011


I did make it back from holiday in one piece! My holiday has seemingly extended into a bit of a blogging holiday, which was not my intention. Time has just run away from me of late. 

There have been a number of changes recently - new season, new career aspirations, new-ish home (more of which in my next post). So all has been a little hectic - too hectic to put pen to paper - keyboard to blog if you will - let alone coordinate any nice outfits or outfit observations to share with you. A thousand apologies. :)

So in the mean time I wanted to record a few images from my holiday (as inappropriate as it is now we're racing towards Halloween and the like!!) 
It was truly lovely - beautiful weather after the first thundery day and landing during a thunderstorm no less... 
Tasty food, lots of G&Ts and Retsina, basking in the sunshine and swimming in the sea. 

The view from beneath my umbrella... naturally

The lovely view from our little villa
Greek honey of course! And lots of it!
Topshop dress, Stella McCartney woven sandals and Essie Lollipop polish
My Topshop "holiday dress" - apologies for the headless picture, I struggled to find one of my face doing a nice, normal expression. I'm a challenging photographic subject it would appear! 
There is no denying it's a jazzy pattern, but I feel one needs a bit of jazz on holiday. 

To follow - less summer, more Autumn/Winter!! 



  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Nice pics! Looks like a lovely vacation!

  3. looks like such a relaxing and wonderfully idyllic holiday! :) light printed dresses are the best to pack for getaways!

  4. Love these photos--they're so refreshing after a few weeks of fall weather! Again, love those sandals! They're perfect!

  5. lovely dress, looks like so much fun x


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