Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I'm going to have to back pedal just a bit, because, I'm afraid I'm going on my holidays. That's right, my summer holiday is coming just as everyone else is dusting off their winter coat and planning their new Autumn wardrobes. 
Perhaps then this entry will be something a little different (a little late I hear you say), and perhaps evoke a nice hazy nostalgia for the season that is most definitely belting out its swan song, at full volume, as I type.

I mentioned my favourite Greek summer destination here, and this is where I shall be heading in the wee small hours of Monday morning. I'm hoping against hope that the weather holds, and it will all be sea, swimming, tavernas, retsina, G&Ts, and glorious hours whiled away reading a good or trashy novel (both are welcome, I won't lie).

My chosen reads for this holiday: The Road by Cormac McCarthy, One Day by David Nicholls, Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes (I spy a trashy read...)
There are a few things that will always take up precious EasyJet space when packing for a summer trip: a black bikini, a white cotton cover up, black Havianas, a panama hat, raw edge denim shorts, easy jersey - you get my drift. But I thought it would be nice to share a few of the extra things that I'm looking forward to including this year.

I always want a little more colour in my holiday wardrobe - to add some pizazz, if you will, to my grey jersey, blue denim and simple ballet pumps. What you wear in the city just feels a little bit wrong on holiday. A little bit buttoned up, thought out, stiff. I find there has to be a new ease, a certain freedom, and an element of fun. 
When carefully chosen, colourful elements are added to a clean simple wardrobe, it seems to make for the prefect summer transformation. 

Here are a few examples of the coloured and printed bits and pieces which I'll be taking to Greece alongside my usual clothes this year:

Topshop floral orange embroidered bikini
My new Ebayed nee Primark straw bag

Lucy Folk taco friendship bracelets
Topshop rose print floral dress

(As a side note, I must admit I have been struggling ALL summer to find that glorious every occasion summer dress. One that is easy and breezy, pretty and stylish, that you don't have to worry one jot about - you take it out of your suitcase and it does everything it needs to do. No fuss. At long last, I have found my dress just in time. It is a lovely floral number from Topshop and when I showed it to my boyfriend, his first response, his oh so precious, unprompted response was thus: "It's very Mama Mia isn't it?" (reference: film version, Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried). You may laugh, but this is exactly the what I was after.) 

So my holiday wardrobe is shaping up to look a little something like this: 
Untitled #7
How does your summer holiday wardrobe differ from your usual wardrobe? If it's not too late to ask?! :)


  1. Great vacation wardrobe! I totally want a friendship bracelet now!

  2. One Day will be such a wonderful read for your holiday...

    Though you must remember to pack tissues (for the inevitable tears!) amongst your lovely clothes.

    Where are the floral tops (far left) from?

    Sarah x

  3. @ t: I know, I've become obsessed with friendship bracelets now! I had originally ebayed some nice neon ones, but I'm not too pleased with the black string they tie up with. So now I think I'm going to splash out on one of the Lucy Folk ones in this post - they're sooo nice! xx

    @ Sarah: I'm looking forward to reading One Day hugely - have managed to avoid all the chat about the film so nothing has been given away yet. Have you seen the film?
    The floral tops are from Topshop! They yellow one went into the sale, but the darker version is still on the website. They're really lovely, slightly sheer. Thanks for popping by as ever! xx

  4. Love the boyfriend's response and also a huge fan of that dress! Very jealous of you being off on your jollies. Maybe some Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (the amazing gold oil) for when you've got your tan on? It's so lovely on skin and hair and smells divine too.x

  5. That TopShop dress is gorgeous! It can be dressed up or down and will look lovely peeking out of a coat this winter!


  6. Love the taco bracelets!!


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