Saturday, 31 December 2011


I thought I should share one of my favourite Christmas/Birthday presents (yes my birthday falls but three days after Christmas and folk do like to combine the presents - woe is me). 
Because I now have to split my time between London and Devon I decided it would be jolly lovely to ease the transition with be-a-u-tiful travel accessories. I therefore dropped festive hints accordingly, as you do. 

This is the best wash bag going - brilliantly roomy (much bigger than you would think) with trademark organisational pockets on the inside. 

It means I can now throw my whole bathroom in without having to painstakingly funnel each and every product into mini plastic bottles before leaving the house. 

There were also a few lovely products in my Christmas stocking which will also find their way into the new wash bag of dreams. 
Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Soap (not pictured), Chanel Pirate nail varnish (an early Christmas present to myself!), Aesop Fabulous Face Oil and Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. 

A word on the leave in conditioner - it is brilliant, I urge you to try it. 


Thursday, 22 December 2011


Just a quick outfit post from yesterday - Cos orange and stripe top, Topshop Jamie jeans and Isabel Marant Dicker boots.

Gap parka added for the London chill!

Not overly sure why I struck such a dainty pose, my apologies - but what can one do. 

I also recently sprinted out and purchased Chanel Pirate nail varnish after Emmy of Selective Memory's recommendation! It's rather lovely and my new favourite red shade.


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I make no secret of my love for jumpers (and I haven't even seen The Killing. Imagine if I had?!). 
Truth be told it might just be getting out of hand, but this matters not. They are brilliant. Below are but a few from my vast collection currently doing the rounds. 

APC, Theory, Topshop
My current Topshop favourites - everyone should have a shocking pink mohair affair, a fisherman's knit and a polar bear jumper - shouldn't they?
I'll let this young fellow have the last word. It is bringing me no end of seasonal cheer at the moment!

Wine coloured reindeer wonderfulness. Stopping at polar bears would have been far too chic and restrained.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


The start of advent must means it is officially acceptable to air ones Christmas wish list. 
I have been tinkering with mine, adding and subtracting little bits and pieces for ooo... about a month now. It is quite possibly the best distraction there is.

So here she is, a happily endless work in progress:
Untitled #8
Topshop dress,  Zara sequined ballet pumps, APC sweater, Topshop angora striped sweater, Mulberry Lily, Diptyque Baies oval, Anya Hindmarch wash bag, Aesop Fabulous Facial Oil, Diptyque spiced plum candle, Jo Malone soaps, Jo Malone bath oil, James Heeley perfume, The West Wing Season 2, Trashy novel, The Lion King Musical tickets, an Au Maison quilt, Mini Uggs
Of course it is a mix of the desperately-hoped-for and the never-going-to-happen (Mulberry Lily that's you I'm afraid). 
But I always love the idea of amassing beautiful new toiletries, pretty dresses, cozy knits, a brilliant box set and a trip to the theatre (my boyfriend has a penchant for musicals...). 

I'm very much hoping for a beautiful floral quilt to appear under the tree this year - I love the vintage look of Au Maison's quilts - they're an affordable investment and look like the kind of thing you would have in your family for years. 

Of course no festive season is complete without a few sequins, (this year they might come in the shape of Zara's brilliant gold ballet pump) and a new season scent - courtesy of Paris based James Heeley's Menthe Fraiche.

This entry will most likely mark me out as something of a brat - but never fear, despite my long list I'm mostly looking forward to The Muppets' Christmas Carol, turkey, stuffing, Christmas pudding and cake, The Rat Pack's jazz CD, champagne and tying everything within reach in gingham ribbon. 

What is on your Christmas list this year? I assure you it isn't too early. :)