Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Doesn't everyone wish university libraries were all dark shiny wood panelling and individual low-lit table lamps sparsely populated by only the most studious of students? Or is it just me?
Before I go entirely off topic and wax lyrical about the finer points of library fittings and fixtures... I'm posting just to let you know that sadly I shall be more or less surgically attached to my desk until mid-May. (By the by, It would be jolly lovely if the desks I were to be attached to looked like the picture above. I've only ever inhabited the 1970s concrete creatvity-crushers. :))

So, I shall be back, focused and to the point with new Spring outfit posts (it's getting warm at last!!), wishful-thinking outfit montages, beauty products that have earned their place in the cabinet of dreams and so on. I'll still be spending precious sanity restoring moments reading all of your blogs - living vicariously through you, your outfits and new purchases. See you soon! 

p.s. Now I've gone to the effort of writing this I BET i will not be able to resist the temptation of a post or two between now and May. I'm fickle that way. 


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  1. I always wanted a library like the one the Beast gives Belle in the Disney film (there's no hope for me is there?)Good luck with your studying lovely xx


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