Sunday, 17 June 2012


Me trotting around by the fridge at home (where else?) in my new Isabel Marant Etoile Haca jacket. 
I LOVE this little fellow. It's brilliantly quilted. It's cut so perfectly at the wrist. It has just the right narrowness in the arms. It even has a slight biker vibe from the side. Oh it's divine I tell you. I've been enjoying wearing it enormously (as you can see...)

Wearing: Topshop black Jamie jeans and white neppy tee, ancient Converses and Essie varnish in Clam Bake.

I'd had my beady eye on this lovely jacket for quite some time but hesitated initially. I was worried it might be a one-season-wonder. My dawdling of course ensured I missed my chance - it promptly sold out. Even the good people at Matches gently tried to encourage me to let the jacket go - it had sold out everywhere

Naturally, therefore, I took it as a sign when one day I was milling around their website and magically my size appeared. And I'm really pleased I took the plunge - it's so special and will only grow more so as time passes. Sometimes it's the best thing to take a little more time over a piece you think you love. Let it go, let the hype die down and then see if you still feel it's you. I always have a fluttering heart about many a thing I see on glossy pages, but it's learning to separate such passing whims from true love that is the key. I'm getting better at it in my ripe old age! 

Incidentally, I wore it last night to the theatre as part of a different ensemble from that above, and a friend said it reminded her of something, she wasn't sure what. I've decided it reminded her of far flung travels morphed with of-the-moment effortless cool. At home anywhere and always ready for an adventure. I'm sure she'd agree. :)



  1. Great jacket! It will go with everything!

  2. What a fab jacket.
    I'm also just in love with it..

    How is the sizing? Is it very narrow in the arms? :)

    / Cecilia

  3. Looking fab dolly! So pleased you managed to nab one!

  4. Love this jacket. I've got the one in beige/black (I think I got the last one on matches online :), but I've to say it looks even nicer in blue.

  5. @ Cecilia: it is narrow-ish in the arms but not restrictive at all, and I don't have thinny thin arms either! Compared to IRO jackets, which have TINY arms, this jacket is just how you want it. Definitely recommend! X

  6. Omg that jacket is so gorgeous!! I want :p


  7. Beautiful jacket, I love the colour & pattern :) And you really brightened my day with these happy pics!

  8. I really like the jacket! It looks amazing on you!

    XX Teresa


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