Friday, 6 July 2012


I wore this little ensemble yesterday evening (the first vaguely summery evening all week! The rain is back today natch). We popped round the corner to a lovely pub near our flat for drinks and supper. I hit up the prosecco as I do all too often these days... and then we shared a darn delicious scallop starter before I tucked into sausages and mash washed down with a glass of rioja. Fun was had by all.

A sudden movement there made me lose my hand for a sec... Never fear, all is well.

I wore a Whistles blouse, Topshop 7/8ths jeans, Isabel Marant Dicker boots, Annina Vogel charm necklace and Essie Clam Bake upon my nails. 

This Whistles blouse is a relatively new acquisition - it wandered into my life during a post-exam season mini-spree. I'd been living in an attractive rotating combination of leggings/jogging bottoms/totes/big jumpers for well over a month and to break back into proper dressing was an utter joy. [Note to self: Amass a more attractive range of lounging clothes.] 

I was still mopping my eyes as I'm wont to do when an exam is over, and was by then well into my standard deep and multi dimensional coping strategies for when the news I'd failed by epic proportions was delivered a few weeks later. But it is a testament to the strength of my stylish spirit that I was (between gulps and through bleary eyes) able to clearly spot and decisively pick up this blouse (and another like it) and steer myself to the changing room and onwards to the till in some sort of detached trance. I also advised the mother in no uncertain terms about buying herself a lovely pair of deep red Russell and Bromley ballet pumps to go with her navy chinos. My devotion to lovely things knows no bounds. 

P.S. Perhaps at this point I should clarify - I did manage to pass all my exams (phew) and so the coping strategies/plans of skipping the country and hitching lifts across the Australian outback with nothing but my wits to guide me are on hold until next summer.)


  1. Nice top! My nails are red right now too!

  2. Haha! Good outfit, I also used to live somewhere that had winter-like summers and now that I'm in the heat all the time, I miss it!

  3. Very nice! The jeans look perfect! I also love the red nails, the colour adds something 'extra' to the look.

  4. You look lovely!
    I wish I'd bought that Whistles top as well. So good.


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